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Tips On Filing A Successful Personal Injury Claim

September 30, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Tips On Filing A Successful Personal Injury Claim

Those involved in some type of personal injury case should know that there are a few easy ways to improve the chances of being awarded a settlement or recovery. For example, choosing the right personal injury attorney in Phoenix is one of the most essential elements of an overall personal claim strategy. Take the time to explore all your options in this regard to make certain that you are working with an experienced and focused personal injury law firm.

The Information Offered To Your Attorney Should Be Accurate

It is equally important to provide your attorney with as much information as possible. In addition, the information offered to your attorney should be accurate, concise and complete. Avoid exaggerating or distorting the truth in any way. This can only serve to hurt a personal injury claim and may even result in a claim being dismissed. Another important consideration with regard to improving the chances of a successful personal injury claim is to keep comprehensive documentation.

Medical Records Maintained In An Organized And Detailed Manner

This documentation should include everything related to the accident in question including expenses, police reports and payroll losses as well as other pertinent information. Along the same lines, injuries should be carefully documented with all medical records carefully maintained in an organized and detailed manner. When all of this information is gathered a personal injury attorney will attempt to show that the at-fault party caused the accident or injury. A causal link between an accident and an individual’s injuries is required to prove a personal injury claim.

An Incident Report Or Other Type Of Written Documentation

Finally, in some cases surveillance footage of a business or residential property may be entered in as evidence to show that another individual was negligent resulting in a client’s injuries. When a dangerous condition exists for a significant amount of time it can often be proven with surveillance footage. In addition, the testimonies of other witnesses can go a long way in helping and assisting in a personal injury claim. Even an incident report or other type of written documentation can be used successfully to further advance a personal injury claim. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a Phoenix personal injury law firm that offers experienced, professional and focused personal injury claim assistance.