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Tips On Improving Playground Safety

November 16, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Tips On Improving Playground Safety

Tens of thousands of children are admitted to hospital emergency rooms each year because of playground related injuries. Surprisingly, a large percentage of playground related injuries could be prevented. Following a few tips with regard to improving playground safety can help to ensure children are able to jump, run and swing safely without becoming injured. Perhaps one of the best ways to reduce injuries in and around playgrounds is to provide a soft surface for children to come into contact with while playing.

Playground Equipment

Some of the more frequently used materials intended to provide a playground with a soft surface includes everything from rubber mats to sand and wood fibers as well as wood chips and mulch. Even shredded tires are used on occasion to create a soft surface for children to play on. Concrete and other hard surfaces should be avoided as a way to prevent injury. Swings are a common piece of playground equipment that can easily injure children. It is important to ensure that swing seats are soft. This includes avoiding the use of wood or metal seats.

Good Traction

In addition, bucket seat swings are always recommended for infants and very young children. When allowing young children to swing in a bucket seat parents should be alert in monitoring children as they swing. Equally of concern is the condition of slides in a playground area. Slides should always be secured and well anchored. Steps should have good traction and handrails should be firm and secure. Children should be instructed to always sit down and hold on when sliding. Walking up or down a slide is a sure way to become injured.

Serious Injuries

Parents should also ensure that children do not wear loose clothing or clothing with drawstrings. Pieces of clothing and drawstrings can easily become caught in a slide or other playground accessory. Finally, children can easily become injured when climbing in a playground environment. In fact, playground falls are one of the most common accidents that result in serious injuries on the playground. Adult supervision and assistance is always the best way to reduce the chances of a child falling while playing around a playground. Exercising extreme caution when it comes to children climbing in and around a playground can greatly reduce the chances of accidents and injury. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury attorney assistance.