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Tips On Traveling Securely To And From School

March 3, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Tips On Traveling Securely To And From School

Parents can rest assured that children are safe and secure while at school. However, while traveling to and from school there are many variables and uncertainties that can sometimes keep parents on edge. Here are a few easy and simple tips for traveling securely to and from school for parents with young school-age children. For example, ensuring that children have memorized their full address and phone number is essential in the event that a child becomes lost.

Level Of Redundancy

Along with memorized phone numbers, children should also have on hand in writing other key phone numbers such as for a parents place of work and the numbers of other family members. This level of redundancy helps to ensure that children can always contact somebody in an emergency. The age-old advice of not talking to strangers is just as important if not more important today as it was years ago. Teaching children at an early age to refrain from talking to strangers can be a valuable tool for staying safe.

Cause For Concern

Most importantly, parents should instruct children to report to their teachers or school right away if an unknown adult or stranger approaches them. Suspicious people hanging around a schoolyard should be cause for concern. Parents should work closely with their child’s school to monitor this type of activity. Equally important is to, when possible always have a child walk with a friend or sibling to or from the bus stop. When children are in pairs or in groups they are far less likely to be approached by a stranger. This is a known fact and a valuable asset.

Mapping Out A Route

Finally, parents should take the time to teach children to follow traffic rules and traffic signals when riding a bike or walking to school. Of particular concern is the challenge of crossing an intersection safely. The good news is that in most instances schools will provide crossing guards at critical crossing locations. Ultimately, however it is up to parents to ensure that children understand how to cross at an intersection safely. As an added note, sitting with children and mapping out a route to and from school can help them avoid becoming lost. Follow these simple tips to enjoy a more secure trip to and from school for your children. Contact Hastings & Hastings for personal injury attorney assistance in Phoenix.