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Tips To Consider When Having Been Bitten By A Dog

August 11, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Tips To Consider When Having Been Bitten By A Dog

Most animal lovers would agree that dogs are wonderful companions that can provide years of enjoyment and satisfaction for pet owners. In spite of this fact, there are many dog bites that happen each and every day across the country. This is equally true throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area where dog bites happen more frequently than most people might imagine. With these simple facts in mind there are a few simple tips worth considering when having been bitten by a dog. It is essential to note this is not medical advice and only a medical doctor can provide the required treatment for advice regarding any type of injury.

Antiseptic Is Important

For example, seeking medical attention is always a top priority but in the interim rinsing the bite area with soapy water is always a good first step. Whenever a serious bite has occurred it is also important with regard to anyone that has been bitten to elevate the affected limb. In addition, applying some type of antiseptic is important in ensuring that infection will not ensue. Watching the area closely for any signs of infection for the first few days after the incident is essential.

Wash The Wound And Cover It With Some Type Of Sterile Dressing

Dog bites can also result in much more serious injuries including those where there has been puncture wounds and deeply torn skin. When this happens it is essential to apply pressure with a towel or clean bandage as a way to stop any bleeding. At this point wash the wound and cover it with some type of sterile dressing. All of this assumes that immediate medical attention is not available. Ultimately, it is critical to have a medical professional address a serious dog bite.

Records Of All Reports And Medical Treatment

This is due to the fact that in many instances a dog bite will require a tetanus shot. It is also important because a doctor can often be the one to help a bite victim file an incident report. In some cases calling 911 or simply going to the emergency room is the best option. Records of all reports and medical treatment should be maintained so that they can be later used in any trial or settlement negotiations. Dogs are wonderful animals but they still require extreme caution especially when they are stray or unknown dogs. Contact Hastings & Hastings for assistance with regard to Phoenix dog bite incidents that result in injury.