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Toy Safety Tips Every Parent Should Consider

April 29, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Toys can put a smile on the child’s face and provide for hours of entertainment, however there are instances where toys can become extremely dangerous and even life threatening. From toxic materials to harmful parts and pieces, there is a wide range of concerns worth noting when it comes to children’s toys. One of the best ways to prevent an accident when it comes to children’s toys is to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to purchasing and using age-appropriate toys.

Stored Properly And Securely

Perhaps most important of all, especially when it comes to children who are under five years of age, is to always store games that have small pieces and parts in a safe and secure location. Avoiding toys with long strings or sharp edges and keeping toys stored properly and securely is one of the best ways to reduce the chances of a potential accident. Marbles, small toy pieces, blocks and magnets can all present a serious danger to children.

Keep Them Out Of Reach Of Children

As an added note, many toy stores have available for purchase something known as a choke test tube. This product is specifically intended to help parents determine whether or not toy pieces or parts present any danger. Anytime a parent is unsure with regard to a particular toy piece or toy part it is best to simply keep these items out of reach of children. Another excellent way to prevent accidents when it comes to toy parts and pieces is to supervise a child’s playtime. A major concern when it comes to toys is the kinds of toys that can cause a slip and fall related accident.

Protecting Children From Dangers And Hazards

Simply picking up toys and staying organized during playtime and after playtime is the best way to prevent this type of accident. A neat and tidy play area can go a long way in reducing the likelihood of a serious accident. Even something as simple as a child slipping on a small toy can result in a serious head injury requiring emergency medical care. Staying proactive when it comes to protecting children from dangers and hazards around the home sometimes simply involves being acutely aware of toys, toy parts and toy pieces. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for personal injury legal representation in Phoenix Arizona.