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Trick-Or-Treat Safety Tips Designed To Keep Children Out Of Harms Way

October 21, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Trick-Or-Treat Safety Tips Designed To Keep Children Out Of Harms Way

Trick-or-treating is an age-old activity that children genuinely enjoy. However, there are some essential trick-or-treat safety tips that are important for keeping children out of harms way. Halloween is best enjoyed when everyone remains safe and uninjured. With that said, here are a few key safety tips for trick-or-treaters. For example, children should refrain from eating candy or treats until an adult has had a chance to examine it thoroughly.

Risky And Unproductive

Equally important is to try whenever possible to trick-or-treat in the late afternoon or early evening hours. This is the best time to trick-or-treat because children are more visible to drivers. It also reduces the chances of trip and fall related accidents that occur in the darkness. Trick-or-treating with adult supervision or adult friends is always the best strategy. Trick-or-treating alone can be a risky and unproductive type of Halloween experience. Most importantly, children will be best served by trick-or-treating in a familiar neighborhood where the neighbors are known.

Streets That Have Streetlights

In fact, one of the best strategies is to simply visit the homes of individuals who are known as trusted neighbors and friends. Being a safe trick-or-treat pedestrian also means never running across the street and always looking in both directions prior to crossing a road or street where vehicular traffic may be present. Choosing to trick-or-treat in well-lit areas and on streets that have streetlights can greatly reduce the chances of an accident or injury due to coming into contact with an automobile.

Suspicious Activity

Finally, children should be instructed to only approach houses where the porch light is on and the front of the house is well lit. Poor lighting can greatly increase the chances of a child falling and becoming injured. Carrying a flashlight and decorating children’s clothing and candy bags with reflective tape is a smart way to increase the visibility of children. As an added note, parents should be alert to any suspicious activity occurring in their neighborhood. If suspicious activity is suspected it is best to contact the authorities or call 911 as soon as possible. Feeding the kids prior to trick-or-treat time is a great way to ensure they eat less candy and sweets. Contact Hastings & Hastings, a Phoenix discount accident lawyer if you have been injured due to the negligence of another individual.