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TSA Fails 67 out of 70 Security Tests

July 23, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Scoring this on a standardized test would almost be theoretically impossible if one was to summon the law of large numbers.  If you scored this on a fill in the blank test, your professor might have suspicious that you are smoking reefer. But what can you say about TSA’s recent random test published in ABC News report.

A team of investigators randomly carried guns, explosives, and other dangerous materials onto an airplane. Out of the seventy attempts, they were successful 67 out of the 70 times. If this was a math test, it would mean the student scored a 5%.

The results are surprising given the billions of dollars sunk into TSA security measures in the wake of 9/11. But what’s most troubling about this finding is that this is actually an improvement for TSA. No doubt they will try and spin it this way.

The results suggest that airplanes remain an avenue for terrorism, and will continue to be vulnerable by radical jihadists. It’s hard enough for some to get on a plane, the external threat of terrorism does not make it any easier. It’s no wonder that 29% of people suffer from flight phobia, a mental disorder where the subject is afraid of airplanes. Most experts believe that people with flight phobia are prone to anxiety and have been involved in some unpleasant experience while flying. Regardless, the recent findings by TSA will do nothing to curb the fear of these individuals.