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Uber and Lyft, Popular Ridesharing Apps, are Making for Safer Streets in Arizona

January 12, 2017 Hastings and Hastings

Ridesharing apps have taken the world by storm over the past few years. Uber, which was founded in 2009, created the market out of thin air. Their main competitor, Lyft, was established in 2012. Both of these ridesharing apps have created an entirely new way to travel. Simply type in the address of the place you want to into the app, push a few buttons, and a car with a professional driver shows up at your door.

Uber and Lyft are more than just a great convenience. There’s evidence to suggest that they’re actually making the streets safer. How? By taking drunk drivers off the road and putting them into the back of an Uber or Lyft.

Ridesharing is a Safe Way to Get Home

Due to the convenience of Uber or Lyft over a traditional taxi, more people are using these services to get home from a late night of drinking. Both of these services are viewed by the general public as a safe, reliable way to travel around their town. Instead of getting behind the wheel of their own car while intoxicated, would-be drunk drivers use a ridesharing app.

Overall, ridesharing is an extremely safe way to get home after a night of drinking at a bar or club. Instead of assuming you’re good enough to drive, an inexpensive Uber or Lyft ride home keeps you – and other people on the road – safe.

The Decline of Alcohol Related Crashes

How much of this is speculation and how much of it is backed up by research? Some research has shown a correlation between decreased incidents of alcohol related crashes and Uber/Lyft usage in the area. The first correlation occurred in Seattle. Before Uber entered the market, approximately seven drivers per day were arrested for driving under the influence. After Uber had entered the market, this figure dropped by 10 percent. Uber published this data, citing themselves as the cause for the decrease.

Another study coming out of California further supports this thesis: ridesharing apps are decreasing DUIs and alcohol related crashes. This study cited a six percent drop in DUI incidents after Uber entered the market.

Both of these studies bring up the age-old debate: is this correlation or causation? Are people becoming more responsible independent of Uber and Lyft, or are Uber and Lyft making people more responsible? One thing is for sure, Arizona streets have become safer since ridesharing apps have become commonplace.

Uber and Lyft: A Social Phenomenon

Ridesharing apps have taken the world by storm and have created a safe way for anyone to travel around their city. Beyond that, they’re also a social phenomenon. Approximately 93 percent of people asked would recommend Uber (or Lyft) to someone who was intoxicated. This data comes from major cities all around the country.

One thing is for certain: ridesharing apps have revolutionized the way people travel in the best of ways. They’re actively making the streets of Arizona a safer place to drive.