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Uncommon Safety Tips Every Pedestrian Should Consider

December 8, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Uncommon Safety Tips Every Pedestrian Should Consider

Being a pedestrian in today’s world comes with many dangers and hazards that can easily be avoided by following a few simple safety tips. For example, cutting through a parking lot on foot is never a good idea for a pedestrian. Always follow established walking paths and navigate around a parking lot in the proper way to avoid being struck by a vehicle. Equally important is to avoid walking at night in areas that are poorly lighted.

More Alert And More Aware

Another key concern for pedestrians is to stay alert when walking near or behind a vehicle. Parents should instruct children on the importance of monitoring the activity of vehicles in a parking lot. In fact, children can be taught to know the difference between the reverse lights on a vehicle and other lights such as brake lights. This can help children to be more alert and more aware of the activity of vehicles in a parking lot environment.

Making Actual Eye Contact With Drivers

Equally important is to avoid crossing the street between parked vehicles. This is a sure way to increase the chances of being struck by an automobile or truck. Drivers simply cannot see a pedestrian who darts out from between parked cars. Play it safe and always cross a road at an approved intersection that has proper markings and proper traffic lights. This combined with making actual eye contact with drivers at a busy intersection can improve safety substantially. When a driver sees a pedestrian and a pedestrian sees a driver the chances of there being any type of contact between vehicle and pedestrian is greatly reduced.

Reduce The Chances Of Coming Into Actual Contact With A Vehicle

Finally, pedestrians should be in the habit of strictly following all lighted instructions at crossing intersections. When using a crosswalk obey traffic signals and follow the “walk” and “don’t walk” signs implicitly. These signs have saved many lives over the years and must be treated with respect. As an added note, making full use of sidewalks and avoiding walking on the road can also improve safety and reduce the chances of coming into actual contact with a vehicle. Consider these uncommon safety tips and be a safer pedestrian anytime of the year both day and night. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a Phoenix legal evaluation regarding a personal injury case.