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Uncommon, Yet Important Safety Tips For Pedestrians

September 14, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Uncommon, Yet Important Safety Tips For Pedestrians

There are many pedestrian safety tips that are intended to make people safer and keep them free from harm. However, there are some less common pedestrian safety recommendations that can go a long way in improving safety to an even greater degree. For example, using the right type of footwear can have a big effect on overall safety for pedestrians. Well-maintained footwear that is nonslip and fits correctly can actually improve safety.

Becoming Familiar With Engine Sounds

Another great safety strategy for pedestrians is to get into the habit of listening for engine noises. For example vehicles that are backing up in a parking lot will make a distinct sound as they begin to move in reverse. Becoming familiar with engine sounds and vehicle noises in general can go a long way in keeping an individual safe. When walking either in a parking lot or along a street always listen for car related sounds to ensure maximum safety. This along with always making eye contact with an automobile driver can greatly improve safety.

Vehicles Driving In Reduced Visibility

It is also a good idea to avoid walking in bad weather. Ice, rain and snow or even fog can increase the chances of being struck by a car. When the weather is poor simply make alternative plans as a way to stay safe. Pedestrians should always remember that vehicles driving in reduced visibility have a much harder time seeing pedestrians. It is equally important to remember that each vehicle has a blind spot that makes it impossible for a driver to see a pedestrian at certain angles.

Ensure That Safety Is Always At Its Highest Level

Finally, a simple tip that often goes overlooked is to hold up your hand in order to be more visible to drivers. From crossing at a crosswalk to walking along a street, holding up your hand can alert drivers that you are a pedestrian and are aware of a vehicle’s presence. In addition, constantly scanning for vehicles and being a defensive pedestrian can help to ensure that safety is always at its highest level. Remaining safe on roads and city streets is easier than most people might imagine when safety is a priority. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Phoenix discount accident lawyers that can help pedestrians who have been injured through no fault of their own.