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Useful Bicycle Safety Tips For Children

September 18, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Useful Bicycle Safety Tips For Children

Perhaps nothing is more enjoyable to children than riding a bicycle. However, there are many instances where riding a bicycle can result in some type of accident that involves a child falling off a bicycle or being impacted by a vehicle. With that said, considering a few important and useful bicycle safety tips for children can greatly improve overall safety.

Bright Reflective Clothing

One common way to improve safety when it comes to children riding bicycles is to simply avoid allowing them to ride bikes at night. Most experts would agree that nighttime riding is far more dangerous than riding a bicycle during daylight hours. If riding at night is absolutely necessary then bright reflective clothing should be worn and lights should be incorporated into the riding experience. In addition, reflectors on both the front and rear of a bicycle and on the tires can improve overall safety for all involved.

Reduce The Chances Of Being Involved In Some Type Of Accident

Road hazards can play a big part in causing children to crash on a bicycle. Teach children at an early age to avoid road hazards and to watch for other dangerous conditions often encountered on streets and roads. From broken glass to potholes and loose gravel, knowing what to look for in terms of hazards can reduce the chances of being involved in some type of accident. Children should also be made aware that dogs chase bicycle riders on occasion. Riding in a group is often a good strategy and a way to increase overall bicycle safety for children.

Tires Are Properly Inflated And Brakes Are Functioning Normally

Finally, teaching children to better control a bicycle by keeping at least one hand firmly grasped to the handlebars at all times can also improve bicycle safety. Books, packages or other item should always be placed in a backpack or bicycle carrier. Trying to carry odd shaped items while riding a bicycle is a sure way to become involved in some type of bicycle accident. As an added note, always check your child’s bicycle to ensure that tires are properly inflated and that the brakes are functioning normally. These important and useful bicycle safety tips for children can greatly reduce the chances of a child being hurt when riding a bicycle. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Arizona personal injury related cases that involve a bicycle accident.