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Useful Strategies For Avoiding Distracted Driving

September 9, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Useful Strategies For Avoiding Distracted Driving

There is ample evidence to show that distracted driving greatly increases the chances of an automobile accident. Because this is indeed the case it is important to consider a few useful strategies that can be used as a way to avoid distracted driving. First of all, it is important to note people of all ages and all backgrounds can become distracted when driving. No one is immune to the dangers of distracted driving. In many ways, driving while distracted has become somewhat of an epidemic.

Applying Makeup And Talking

Typical driving distractions include everything from daydreaming to talking on a cell phone to even reading in some instances. Other common activities that can contribute to distracted driving include eating and adjusting the radio as well as applying makeup and talking with other occupants in the vehicle. This type of distraction includes everything from tending to children to dealing with pets and looking at others while talking. External distractions are equally dangerous and can include everything from reading billboards to admiring scenery.

Being A Safe Driver

Becoming fixated on other drivers who may be driving dangerously can also cause a major distraction. Anytime an activity forces a driver to take their focus off the road the chances of an accident occurring are greatly increased. Equally of concern is the fact that distracted drivers can impact pedestrians, those riding bicycles and those on motorcycles. Being a safe driver and a proactive driver simply means avoiding distractions at all costs. There are a number of ways to achieve this goal. For example, asking passengers in the vehicle to remain quiet is a good policy when driving a vehicle.

Give One’s Undivided Attention

In addition, adjusting the radio and other controls such as climate control knobs prior to setting a vehicle into motion is a good strategy. Placing cell phones and other types of electronic devices out of view can also serve to reduce distractions while driving. When driving a car it is essential to give one’s undivided attention to the act of operating the vehicle. Everything else can be dealt with at a later time. Anything a driver can do to reduce distractions while operating a vehicle can serve to increase safety. Contact Hastings and Hastings anytime you have been involved in an automobile accident resulting in injuries. Phoenix accident lawyers are always standing by and ready to assist.