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Utah T.V. Personality Pleads Guilty to Punting Owl While Paragliding

July 24, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

A one Dell Schanze, who goes by the nickname, “Super Dell,” gained small town fame as the TV pitchman for a business called “Totally Awesome Computers.” Super Dell’s ads are over the top (to say the least), and for anyone interested in his antics, here is a good place to start. Although a colorful personality is no vice or deficiency, “Super Dell” is just too much to merit praise.

First off, Super Dell brought his recent allegations for animal cruelty upon himself. His most recent bout with the law stems from a video posted on YouTube. During said video, Super Dell chases an owl through the firmament while operating a paraglider. Also, during the video a second pilot whips out a pistol and opens fire on the owl—a protected species. Obviously, this conduct is unacceptable.

Super Dell initially intended to fight the allegations of animal cruelty, however, he was presumably talked out of it by his lawyer who must have convinced Super Dell his case was hopeless. Indeed, the absurd video of Super Dell pursuing an owl across the sky would not be regarded favorably by a court of law. He plead guilty and was sentence for one year of probation. Hopefully, he was also forbidden to access his fire arm in lieu of the recent YouTube video released by the Super Dell himself.

Listen, Super Dell, we get it. You’re zany and over the top, and you want the whole world to know. But that’s no excuse for saddling up a paraglider and taking off into the wild blue yonder with a pistol un-holstered and an owl in sight.