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Ways Of Avoiding Accidents When Sharing The Road With 18-Wheelers

November 10, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Ways Of Avoiding Accidents When Sharing The Road With 18-Wheelers

While large 18-wheeler trucks provide important services with regard to interstate commerce and the transportation of goods and materials, they also cause serious safety concerns for operators of passenger vehicles. In fact, a large portion of serious and catastrophic accidents that result in injury and loss of life are often attributed to larger heavy and massive 18-wheeler trucks that either impact a passenger vehicle or cause a passenger vehicle to crash.

Ejected From A Car

Sometimes sharing the road with large heavy trucks simply means ensuring seatbelts are always worn and distracted driving is not an issue. This makes good sense because operating a small passenger vehicle next to a massive multi-ton semi truck is not the time to be distracted. In addition, if an accident ever were to occur, having seatbelts on can reduce the chances of severe injury and loss of life. Seatbelts are important because they can prevent occupants of a vehicle from being ejected from the car.

Wear Seatbelts

In addition, seatbelts can also prevent the occupants of a vehicle from striking a steering wheel or dashboard. Head injuries are a major concern when high-speed automobile accidents occur. In short, choosing to wear seatbelts is an inexpensive form of insurance that should never be ignored. Another important aspect of sharing the road with large massive trucks is to always pass with care. Operators of passenger vehicles should remember that truck drivers have many blind spots. Because this is indeed the case operators of passenger vehicles should exercise extreme caution when passing a large 18-wheeler truck.

Distance And Buffer

Finally, perhaps most important of all is to always maintain an ample distance between a passenger vehicle and a semi-truck. Whether driving ahead or behind of an 18-wheeler truck, the more distance and buffer that is created, the less likely there will be an impact or collision. Because 18-wheeler trucks have so many tires the possibility of a blowout is greatly increased. This is also due to the fact these large trucks often carry many tons of cargo. A tire blowout on an 18-wheeler truck can send shrapnel into a passenger vehicle causing severe damage, injuries and loss of life. This is yet another reason to always provide ample space between a car and a truck. Contact Hastings & Hastings, a Phoenix accident attorney with years of experience if you have been injured due to the negligence of another individual.