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Ways Of Reducing The Possibility Of A Carjacking

April 8, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Ways Of Reducing The Possibility Of A Carjacking

Unfortunately, there are more carjacking cases today than there have ever been in the past. While the crime rate continues to rise on a national level, there are a number of things that individuals can do each and every day as a way to reduce the chances of being involved in this type of aggressive and violent event. In standard terms, a carjacking is the theft of a vehicle by threat of force. In many instances a weapon is involved.

Keeping All Doors Locked And Windows Up

Those perpetrating a carjacking will typically look for drivers who are confused or moving slower than normal. One of the best ways to prevent or avoid becoming the victim of this type of crime is to simply drive at the proper speed and drive with purpose. Many times, a carjacking will occur in a parking lot or garage and even at a stoplight or stop sign. Keeping all doors locked and windows up under these circumstances can mitigate the possibility of being a victim of this unfortunate crime.

Happens For A Number Of Reasons

Another concern with regard to carjacking is something known as the bump and rob strategy often used by criminals. This type of crime occurs when those attempting a carjacking cause a fender bender or minor accident thereby causing a driver to step out of their vehicle. This makes it very easy for those perpetrating a carjacking to steal another individual’s car or truck. There are even cases of carjacking that involve motorcycles. This type of crime happens for a number of reasons and can result in a car being dismantled for parts or simply being sold on the black market.

Those Perpetrating A Carjacking

Most importantly, a carjacking is a violent crime that can cause injury and loss of life. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep your car as secure as possible at all times to prevent becoming a victim. When approaching your vehicle in a parking lot or parking garage always look around the car and in the car prior to opening the car door. Those perpetrating a carjacking will often hide and wait for a car owner to return. When entering a vehicle the doors should be locked immediately and the windows should be in the up position. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Phoenix personal injury attorney assistance when it is needed.