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What You Should Expected with a Free Consultation

January 1, 2016 Hastings and Hastings

After an accident of any kind it would be in your best interested to explore your legal options. This does not necessitate entering into an agreement with an attorney or taking a case to court. Rather, your first step should be to seek out legal consultation. In fact, many personal injury attorneys will offer free legal consultations.

Preparing for your Consultation

To make your free consultation as worthwhile as possible, you should arrive thoroughly prepared. Bring every piece of documentation you have regarding your accident. This may include medical records, police reports, receipts for expenses incurred because of the accident, paystubs which will play a role in claiming lost wages, and any correspondence from the other parties involved in the accident. This may seem like a lot of paperwork, but should you file a lawsuit, it may all prove important.

During the Consultation

On average, a consultation for a personal injury will last somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour. It could take less or more time depending on the complexity of your case. Your consulting attorney will ask you a host of questions regarding the incident and the events that followed. Again, the more details you can provide the better. Always be 100 percent truthful with your attorney. This is also the time to discuss attorney’s fees should you decide to retain the lawyer. After the consultation they will likely recommend a course of action. It will be left to your discretion whether to follow their advice or not. Remember, because this consultation was free, you are under no obligation to follow their advice.

Consulting with Hastings & Hastings

At Hastings & Hastings your free consultation will always be handled by a licensed attorney, not a paralegal or salesman. Their legal expertise and knowledge will be at your full disposal. We will help you make informed decisions while protecting your rights as an accident victim.