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When Freeways Become Small Lakes And Rivers

October 21, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

When Freeways Become Small Lakes And Rivers

A recent CBS news piece reported that Phoenix recently had record rainfall that resulted in deadly flooding for residents throughout the region. Drivers dealing with these disruptive conditions have found themselves in life-threatening circumstances trapped in cars inundated by water. The CBS news article goes on to report rescuers have scrambled around the valley to save drivers from submerged or partially submerged vehicles.

The Flooding Was Primarily Due To Heavy Thunderstorms

The September 8, 2014 article by CBS also mentioned a woman in Tucson died as a result of her car being swept away by rushing water. Subsequently, the vehicle was trapped against the bridge. The flooding was primarily due to heavy thunderstorms and rain showers associated with what was left of hurricane Norbert. Even though the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical depression, the resulting moisture and heavy rainfall was enough to cause devastating flooding throughout the Valley. Many sections of I-10 and I-17 in west Phoenix were closed to morning commuters.

Caused People To Walk In Dangerous Weather Along Highways

In addition, many vehicles throughout Phoenix were stranded in water up to their hoods all along the freeway. Literally dozens of motorists were stranded along the banks and borders of the highways to stay clear of rising water. Many motorists found themselves evacuating their vehicles as water began to rise and enter the passenger compartment. This is a dangerous situation also causing people to walk in bad weather along highways normally meant for vehicular traffic. Other drivers were stranded along medians and some passengers of vehicles were even seen sitting atop their cars.

Rescue Personnel Worked Diligently Throughout The Area

Firefighters and other rescue personnel worked diligently throughout the area to help stranded motorists as a way to reduce the chances of injury. From Tucson to Phoenix and other areas throughout Arizona, freeways in recent days have literally become small lakes and rivers. This is one more indication of the necessity for drivers to have a plan of action ready when encountering these types of natural disasters. Contact Hastings & Hastings for a Phoenix personal injury accident attorney if you have been involved in some type of accident that is the result of someone else’s negligence.