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Will you go out with me? Just Sign Here!

September 25, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Does anyone else wish that there was a little more regulation in the dating world? A few more rules, or maybe a dedicated set of complex standards? Perhaps a governing body to watch over the entire dating institution? Well probably not. Most people are already stressed out enough by dating. Such a prospect would probably terrify them. Not true for this particularly litigious couple!

Lawyers live in a world of complex rules and regulations. Everything must be spelled out carefully and defined to a “T”. They are probably confused how the rest of the world survives without so much structure. One specific lawyer, whose identity shall remain anonymous, has discovered a way to bring this structure to the dating world – through contracts. Even more surprisingly he has found someone to sign his contract and thus begin – legally – to date him.

This dating contract, which took effect on July 28th, proposed a “mutual bilateral promise” to go on at least one date. The stipulations of the date where specific, detailing a requirement for at a minimum, “either a wine and movie night or dinner and drinks.” No risks of being stood up on this date!

Probably the sneakiest, and by far the cleverest element of said dating contract was the inclusion of an automatic renewal clause. These clauses are annoying on gym memberships and online subscriptions; imagine having one of them attached to your relationship. This term states that unless notice of termination is given by either party, the binding dating agreement will continue to be renewed in one week intervals in perpetuity. Oh, and notice of termination must be provided three months ahead of time!

Remember to check the fine print on the next contract you sign. You don’t want to end up in a relationship without fully thinking through the legal repercussions!