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Windstorm Or Haboob Safety Tips Worth Considering

August 21, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Windstorm Or Haboob Safety Tips Worth Considering

The desert southwest of the United States experiences a monsoon season each year that can cause abrupt and dangerous windstorms. With that said, there are a few sensible safety tips worth considering when a windstorm or haboob strikes the valley. For example, those traveling in a vehicle when one of these storms strikes should simply pull off of the road before reduced visibility and high winds become an issue.

Waiting Out The Storm

Most importantly, when pulling over to wait out a windstorm it is important to turn off the vehicle’s headlights and interior lights. This is a smart strategy because it lets other drivers know that you are not driving. If another driver perceives your vehicle to be driving they could try to follow and ultimately impact your vehicle. When waiting out the storm it is always a good idea to remain in the vehicle with your seatbelts fastened to ensure the highest level of safety.

Turning Off The Air Conditioning

Equally important while waiting out a dust storm in a vehicle is to close the air vents as a way to prevent dust, dirt and other debris from entering the vehicle. This can cause serious respiratory problems for everyone especially the young and elderly. Keeping all windows rolled up will further help to prevent respiratory related problems. For those that are inside a building during one of these massive weather displays – you should close the doors, blinds, curtains and windows for the same reasons. As with a car, turning off a home air conditioning or business air-conditioning system and closing vents will further protect the occupants of a building.

Dangerous And Lethal Electrical Threats

When storms increase in intensity and become increasingly severe it is vital to seek shelter in a protected room that does not have windows. Anyone that has ever experienced a hurricane knows that high-speed winds can pick up large objects and drive them through a window causing severe damage and injury. Those experiencing a massive windstorm can expect power outages and other types of similar disruptions. As an added note, any time a power line is down, it is important to avoid coming into contact with these dangerous and lethal electrical threats. Contact Hastings and Hastings for Phoenix personal injury lawyers that help those that have been injured due to someone else’s negligence.