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Winter Driving Tips

November 8, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

If you have been a resident of Phoenix your entire life, the odds are you can count the amount of time you have spent driving in snow in minutes, rather than hours. You might not even be aware of some of the complications associated with driving in the snow. Did you know it is actually very dangerous?! Before you head up to Flagstaff or Sunrise, you should familiarize yourself with our winter driving tips in order to keep yourself safe on the road.

Tires Matter

Tires are you car’s primary way of interacting with the road. When the road is covered in snow, that interaction becomes a little more tenuous. Driving on a snowy road makes it more difficult to steer, stop, and accelerate. You should always make sure your tires are properly inflated before you drive in any snow. If you are going to be doing extensive driving in snow, you may want to invest in all-weather tires, or chains. Chains are an awesome way to get some extra traction while you drive, and buying them won’t break the bank.

Techniques for Driving in Snow

The first technique you need to master when you are going to be driving in snow is simple. Go slow. It is as easy as that. Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Turn slowly. The faster you go, the easier it will be to lose control of the car. Once you start losing control of a car in the snow, it is hard to wrestle it back. If you encounter a situation where you wheels start spinning, but you are not moving forward, gradually lay off of the gas. Do not slam on the breaks. That will likely exacerbate the situation and cause you to lose further control.