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Workplace Fire Safety Tips Intended To Reduce Injury

February 1, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Workplace Fire Safety Tips Intended To Reduce Injury

Far too many fire related accidents happen in the workplace, events that could easily be avoided. In fact, when employers implement simple and easy to understand fire safety procedures, the incidence of fire related accidents and injuries is reduced substantially. Best of all, employers that take pride in a comprehensive fire safety program will enjoy greater productivity and improved employee performance over the long term.

Drills So That All Employees Know Proper Escape Routes

One of the easiest ways to ensure that workplace fire safety is comprehensive and complete is to always have a fire plan in place and ready for use. Employers should take the time to make certain that employees fully understand all aspects of a fire safety program. Another great way to keep fire safety at the forefront is to have occasional fire drills so that all employees know proper escape routes, agreed-upon meeting locations and general fire safety procedures. This is an inexpensive and effective way of reducing the chances of injury or loss of life associated with workplace related fires.

Not Allowing Power Strips Into The Workplace

One major concern that should be taken into account when attempting to reduce the chances of a fire is that of power strips. Employers should refrain from using power strips when possible because they are known to cause fires. When too many appliances, computers or other items are plugged into a power strip it can cause an overload and result in a fire. Playing it safe in this regard simply means not allowing power strips into the workplace. Finally, cleaning chemicals can be toxic and can emit dangerous vapors that may be flammable.

Ignite The Flammable Vapors Of Toxic Chemicals

In fact, even something as simple as the spark from an unsuspectingly faulty wire can ignite the flammable vapors of toxic chemicals. As such, business owners should maintain cleaning chemicals and other flammable liquids in a well-ventilated room that is intended specifically to prevent flammable vapor type fires. As an added note of caution, employers should make certain that all employees know the location of fire extinguishers throughout the workplace. Employees should also be trained on how to use fire extinguishers in the right way. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for comprehensive, dedicated and focused personal injury legal representation in Phoenix and throughout the state of Arizona.