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Yard And Lawn Maintenance Safety Strategies For Homeowners

February 4, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Yard And Lawn Maintenance Safety Strategies For Homeowners

Maintaining the outdoor spaces of any home requires dedication, commitment and hard work. That said there are some essential and smart safety strategies that homeowners can incorporate into their maintenance routine to improve safety and reduce the chances of an unexpected accident. For example, wearing safety goggles and some type of protective head equipment such as a hardhat can protect the face and head from falling debris and sharp objects when snapping limbs in the yard.

Chaps Are A Very Useful Piece Of Safety Equipment

Equally important is to incorporate the use of chainsaw chaps when operating a chainsaw for any reason. Chainsaws are known to kick back and cause serious injury and even loss of life. Chaps are a very useful piece of safety equipment because they protect the legs and are made of protective fibers and material that stop the chainsaw from causing injury in an unlikely kickback event. Circular saws are equally as dangerous when kickback occurs.

Early Evening Or Early Morning Hours

When a saw blade gets pinched or becomes blinded when it comes into contact with a solid object a kickback event is likely to happen. The end result can be deep cuts and serious injuries as well as the potential for a loss of life event. Reducing the potential for these types of hazards simply means taking precautions and using all safety equipment available. In addition, when cutting the lawn it is always recommended to do so in the early evening or early morning hours. Trying to cut the lawn in the heat of the afternoon can result in heat exhaustion and dehydration. Equally concerning is that the midday heat can impair judgment when operating a dangerous piece of power equipment.

Exposure To Toxic Pesticides And Herbicides

Homeowners should make it a habit to routinely inspect gardening equipment and tools used for landscaping. Defects, malfunctions and other similar problems should be repaired or the tools and equipment should be replaced immediately. Finally, when using pesticides or herbicides on a lawn it is advisable to put up some type of warning sign so that neighbors, children and others know that chemicals have been sprayed in the area. Exposure to toxic pesticides and herbicides can cause serious medical problems in young and old alike. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix Arizona personal injury attorney guidance and assistance.