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Yard Work Safety Tips For Homeowners

March 11, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Yard Work Safety Tips For Homeowners

Everyone would agree that working in the yard is fun and interesting and that it provides for exercise and recreation that would otherwise not be possible. Enjoying fresh air in the outdoors and working in the yard serves many benefits. However, it is worth considering a few important safety tips as a way to reduce injury when working in the yard or doing landscaping. For example, removing obstacles in the yard can prevent accidents and injury.

Making A General Assessment

From loose steppingstones to piles of debris and even rocks in the grass that can be sent flying by a lawnmower, there are many obstacles that should be removed prior to beginning any work in the yard. Making a general assessment of the entire yard before beginning work is usually the best option. Equally important is to ensure that all work tools are in good order and free of defects or breakage. Broken or defective tools are notorious for causing a wide range of injuries and accidents around the home and while working outdoors.

Wear Ample Amounts Of Safety Gear

Ensuring that all tools and equipment are in good working order and reading the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to operate various tools and equipment can serve to reduce injury. As an added note, it is always recommended to wear safety gear. From sunscreen to a protective hat and gloves as well as eye protection, dressing for the part when working outdoors can save eyesight, reduce head injuries and save homeowners from a trip to the emergency room. Stretching adequately and being cautious when working outdoors can also prevent accidents.

Be Careful When Working Outdoors

When trimming trees that have thorns it is recommended to wear gloves and move slowly. An injury caused by a thorn can easily become infected and cause a more serious problem at a later time. There are many hazards and dangers in the typical residential yard and that is why it is so crucial to be careful when working outdoors. A surprisingly large number of emergency room visits are attributed to accidents that occur in and around the typical single-family home. Stay proactive when it comes to safety while working in the yard as a way to enjoy the springtime free of accidents and injuries. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for a personal injury law firm in Phoenix Arizona.