The Call of Duty

It is inescapable. It reaches out to us all. There is no running, there is no hiding. No matter how rich, powerful, influential, famous, or infamous you are, you will be called to duty. Not just any duty – one duty in particular. Jury duty. Wednesday, August the 5th, 2015, one of America’s most recognizable […]

Getting a Motorcycle License

What could be better than cruising down a beautiful, open desert road with the wind in your hair, music in your ears, a beautiful sunset beside you, and nothing but freedom and adventure ahead of you? Well, maybe skip the wind in your hair part. If you are living this fantasy, it probably means you […]

Famous American Speeches: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

America has a long, storied and glorious history. It is built on the backs of legendary figures like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B. Anthony, and many more. Each of these individuals was brilliant, hardworking, charismatic, and brave. Another trait they all shared: a gift for […]

The Lacey Act and Cecil the Lion

The sad and regrettable killing of Cecil the Lion has recently taken a grip of the national news cycle. The story has been convoluted and the information difficult to understand. So what exactly happened in Zimbabwe? Moral judgments aside, what are the legal ramifications of these events? Minnesota based dentist Walter Palmer shot and killed […]

A Litigious Happy Birthday

It is rare for a lawyer to gain status as a hero, let alone be looked at as celebrity. So what gave New Orleans based attorney Morris Bart his cause célèbre, his status first a hero, and second as an internet celebrity? The power was all given to him by one little two year old […]

Will you go out with me? Just Sign Here!

Does anyone else wish that there was a little more regulation in the dating world? A few more rules, or maybe a dedicated set of complex standards? Perhaps a governing body to watch over the entire dating institution? Well probably not. Most people are already stressed out enough by dating. Such a prospect would probably […]

Common Injuries from Slips and Falls

Worrying about slips and falls may seem a little silly at first glance, but they are much more serious than most people ever realize. Did you know that over 1 million people a year are seriously injured as the result of a slip or a fall? Did you know that approximately 17,000 people a year […]

A Profile of the Phoenix Commuter

With Proposition 104 coming up for a vote soon, transportation has become an increasingly hot topic around Phoenix watercoolers. Aside from the few individuals who are lucky enough to get to work from home, most of us have to commute to work. Phoenix is a large metropolitan city but the average Phoenicians’ commute is approximately […]

Proposition 104 – Public Transportation

It is almost voting time everyone! Are you ready? In fact some Phoenix household may have already received their early ballots and started sweating out their tough decisions. Every voter’s opinion is important and unique, but voting is also a huge responsibility. The best thing a voter can do to prepare for this responsibility is […]

Consequences of Running Red-Lights

We have talked before about the legal and financial consequences of running a red-light. Sure a ticket might cost you up to $250 dollars, and a few points might be added to your license, but in a wider scope those are relatively minor consequences. The true cost of running red-lights cannot be measured in a […]