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Car Accidents Caused by Faulty Auto Parts

March 24, 2023 Legal Team

In some cases, faulty auto parts are a contributing factor to a car accident. It’s important to know what common defects are and how they can contribute to your injuries. 

Car Accidents Caused by Faulty Auto Parts

Steering Wheel Malfunctions 

Steering wheel malfunctions can occur when a steering column malfunctions due to wear and tear or flawed design. This may cause the steering wheel to become unresponsive, making it difficult or impossible for the driver to turn in either direction, resulting in an accident. 

Defective Brakes 

The braking system is an essential part of any vehicle, and when it fails, the results can be catastrophic. Defective brakes can be caused by poor design or manufacturing flaws.

Accelerator Defects 

Another common auto defect is an accelerator pedal that sticks or fails suddenly, causing the engine speed to increase without warning. This can be extremely dangerous because it gives drivers no time to react before their car accelerates out of control. Unfortunately, this type of defect has been linked with multiple fatal accidents over the years due to its unexpected nature and lack of warning signs prior to acceleration. 

Tire Defects 

Tire defects such as tread separation or uneven wear and tear may lead to blowouts which can result in a crash if a driver loses control over their vehicle as a result. Poorly designed tires may also fail in other ways, such as underinflation/overinflation, leading to poor handling and reduced braking power.

Airbags that Deploy with Too Much Force 

Automotive airbags are designed to deploy in the event of an accident in order to protect drivers and passengers from harm. But when airbags deploy too forcefully, they can cause serious injuries or even death. This was the case with Takata airbags, which have been linked to numerous deaths due to excessive force and explosion during deployment. 

Seats that Fall Down Unexpectedly 

If a driver’s seat isn’t manufactured or installed correctly, it can lead to an unexpected collapse while someone is driving or sitting in the car. This can be extremely dangerous, as it can cause serious crush injuries or even death if the driver loses control of their vehicle due to the sudden movement. 

Seat belts That Don’t Stay Locked 

Seat Belts are designed to keep drivers and passengers safe during an accident by keeping them securely buckled in their seats. However, when seatbelts don’t stay locked properly, they can malfunction during an accident and serious injuries or fatalities can occur. Malfunctioning seat belts cause passengers to move around inside the car or even be thrown out of their seats altogether.

Faulty Fuel Lines 

Faulty fuel lines are another common issue with vehicles that can cause serious injuries. A fuel line failure typically occurs when the line cracks or leaks due to age or exposure to extreme temperatures over time. 

In some cases, these cracks may go unnoticed until an accident occurs, but they can potentially cause a fire if gasoline is leaking onto hot engine parts or into the vehicle’s cabin area. 

You could also experience a sudden loss of power while driving due to an unknown fuel leak, which can cause a car accident.

Faulty auto parts don’t just cause inconveniences—they put people’s lives at risk every day on our roads across America. If you’ve been injured and believe it was due to a defective part, the manufacturer could be responsible for paying your damages. For legal assistance, contact our Mesa car accident lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.