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How Dash Cams Can Impact Your Car Accident Case in Arizona

April 23, 2023 Legal Team

Even the most cautious driver can be involved in an accident due to the negligence of another. Having evidence to support your version of events following a collision can be crucial, especially in the event that you need to initiate legal proceedings. This is where dash cams come in. Here’s how they can affect your case.

How Dash Cams Can Impact Your Car Accident Case

Help Establish Fault

Most importantly, dash cam footage can help establish fault and improve settlement offers in car accident cases. To determine who is at fault, car insurance companies frequently depend on statements from people involved in the collision.

However, these statements may be biased and lack credibility. A dash cam provides clear visual evidence of the events that took place and can more accurately indicate the accident’s severity. This visual evidence can be used to negotiate a more favorable settlement offer.

Identify Hit-and-Run Drivers

Another benefit of using dash cams after a car accident is identifying the party responsible for a hit and run. Footage captured by dash cams can be used as evidence to confirm identity and help identify the perpetrator in hit-and-run cases. This footage can also be used to prove to insurers that a hit and run did occur, which can be critical in getting the compensation one deserves.

Can Be Used in Personal Injury Lawsuits

For dash cam footage to be admissible in court, it must be reliable and free from tampering. The footage must also be date- and time-stamped, which provides an accurate record of when the accident occurred. If the dash cam footage is poor quality or blurry, it may not be admissible as evidence, as it could be argued that the footage is unreliable.

While dash cam footage is often used to prove fault against other drivers, it is essential to note that insurance companies can also use footage to show that you are at fault for an accident. Speaking with a Mesa car accident attorney before providing any footage to an insurance company is important, as you could be incriminating yourself.

Ultimately, dash cam footage’s usefulness largely depends on the situation and who is reviewing it. While using a dash cam is legal in Arizona, its utility may ultimately depend on the insurance adjuster who reviews your case and the judge and jury, should the matter proceed to court. However, having that footage can be a game-changer in scenarios without witnesses. 

Getting The Right Dash Cam

Dash cams vary in price, size, and features. You can find basic dash cams that are reliable and affordable for less than $100, while more complex models may have additional features such as rear-facing recording, interior video/audio, GPS tracking, and more. 

It’s important to determine your needs before purchasing one to ensure you get the right dash cam for your purposes. Consider what you want to accomplish with a dash cam and what features are crucial to you.

Dash Cams Can Lead to Safer Driving

The presence of a dash cam can lead to more careful driving behaviors. Knowing that one’s driving habits are being recorded can motivate drivers to be more attentive and mindful while behind the wheel. This can reduce the likelihood of accidents and potentially save lives.

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