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Workplace Burn And Scalding Avoidance Strategies

October 7, 2014 Hastings and Hastings

Workplace Burn And Scolding Avoidance Strategies

Getting burned in the workplace is all too common in today’s modern world. With that said, there are some simple and effective strategies that can greatly reduce the chances of employees becoming burned or scalded in the workplace. Most experts would agree the typical workplace has many potential and inherent dangers that can be avoided by following standard safety practices, precautions and procedures. Here are a few workplace safety tips intended to reduce the chances of burns and other injuries.

Wearing The Right Protective Work Gear

Perhaps one of the simplest and most obvious ways to avoid burns and scalding in the workplace is to always wear adequate and approved gear and protective clothing. Whether it be a dust mask or gloves or even reinforced boots, wearing the right protective work gear is essential to ensuring ongoing safety. It is equally important to never work with or work around unknown chemicals or substances. This is a sure way to experience a chemical burn or to become asphyxiated. Play it safe and avoid chemicals that are improperly labeled or not labeled at all.

Industrial Cooking Environments

In addition, those working around electrical components where there are exposed wires or other situations where the potential for poorly managed electrical current exists should be extremely cautious. In short, simply avoid working near or around exposed wires or other situations where electrical shock can occur. Those working in an industrial cooking environment should also be cautious of hot scalding water. Exposure to steam, hot water and other similar situations can easily result in serious burns and even life-threatening scalding.

Common Sense Prevails

Finally, those working on a construction site should avoid walking through areas where the potential for chemical burns or fire and heat related burns could occur. In many cases, common sense should prevail as a way to avoid injury and even loss of life. As an added note, those working in an environment where tools or machines require repair should be cautious to ensure that machines and devices are cooled to a safe temperature prior to working on any piece of equipment. With an increasing number of burn related injuries happening every year across the country in the workplace it is essential to follow these simple and common sense strategies. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury lawyer assistance when needed.