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Workplace Related Safety Concerns For Employees

February 8, 2015 Hastings and Hastings

Workplace Related Safety Concerns For Employees

While many accidents occur around the home, an equal or greater number of accidents occur each and every day in the workplace. As such, it is worth considering some simple and essential safety concerns that can result in employees being safe and free of injury. For example, choosing to wear nonskid shoes when working in an environment where slipping is always a possibility can serve to prevent a slip and fall accident.

Employees Should Be Trained On Proper Cleanup

Walking on slippery surfaces or walking or water or ice is a sure way to become injured in the workplace. Another excellent way of reducing potential hazards in the workplace is to always be alert and look ahead on the floor for any possible spills when walking. Many slip and fall related accidents happen simply because employees were not alert to spills. Employees should be trained on proper cleanup when there is an actual spill. This includes never walking by a spill and always ensuring that it is properly cleaned.

Employers Should Make Available Approved Ladders

Also of concern to employers is in making certain that employees never climb on storage units, shelving units or other similar structures. Appropriate procedures should be in place so that those in the workplace have the tools and education necessary to access items in storage units and on shelving units without falling or becoming injured. Employers should make available approved ladders that are appropriate for the work at hand. Those in the workplace should also be instructed to never lean on any type of railing even if the railing looks structurally solid.

Proper Lifting Techniques Should Be Used When Lifting Heavy Objects

Improperly secured or broken railing could result in serious injuries or even loss of life as the result of a catastrophic fall. Finally, those that work at heights in the workplace should make full use of employer-provided safety harnesses. This type of safety equipment has saved many lives over the years and can prevent a catastrophic fall from ever occurring. As an added note, proper lifting techniques should be used when lifting heavy objects. Items that are simply too heavy should be team lifted as a way to prevent back injury or other types of injuries. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix workplace related injuries and personal injury legal representation.