Baby Gate Safety Tips For Parents

Baby gates provide a great opportunity to make children far safer in a home where children must be protected from a particular area such as stairway. There are many different types of baby gates on the market today and that is why it is important for parents to take the time to make the right […]

Toy Safety Tips Every Parent Should Consider

Toys can put a smile on the child’s face and provide for hours of entertainment, however there are instances where toys can become extremely dangerous and even life threatening. From toxic materials to harmful parts and pieces, there is a wide range of concerns worth noting when it comes to children’s toys. One of the […]

Improving Window Safety For Children

There are many ways to improve safety around the home including considering a few essential and important window safety tips as they relate to children. For example, parents should always remember that screens are primarily intended to keep insects out of the home. This means that screens will not prevent a fall or stop a […]

Dangerous Materials That Present A Hazard To Children

Children today have more dangers and hazards to navigate than ever before. This is likely due to the increasing number of toys, games and playthings available on the open market. One of the best ways to protect children from dangerous materials is to simply be an aware parent and to exercise extreme caution all times. […]

Stair Safety Tips For Parents Of Young Children

Stairs are more common in today’s larger homes than they were in the past. That is why it is so important for parents to consider all aspects of stair related safety when it comes to protecting children from injury and hazards. One example of stair safety that should always be considered is to ensure the […]

Knowing How To Handle Potential Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is particularly insidious because it is a tasteless, odorless and invisible gas that can cause serious injury. Typical symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning include many of the symptoms that are typical of the virus or flu. This includes everything from nausea to vomiting and muscle aches as well as even an […]

Child Safety Involving Medication Storage

Medication stored in the home is common today. Whether it is prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication, there are many dangers and threats associated with having medication in a home where children are present. One of the first steps in preventing accidents when it comes to children and medication is to always ensure that medication is […]

Floor Related Safety Tips For Parents Of Small Children

Surprisingly, floors can present a serious hazard to children of virtually any age. While the elderly and even strong and healthy middle-aged adults can experience serious injury in a slip and fall related accident when a floor is not properly maintained, children can experience similar catastrophic results. Keeping floors clean of spills, toys and clutter […]

Medication Dosing And Usage Safety Tips For Parents

There are many prescribed medications and over-the-counter medications that can help children recover from a wide range of illnesses. However, parents should exercise extreme caution when it comes to using medication safely in order to prevent accidents and injuries. For example, making full use of dosing devices that typically come with medication today is always […]

Television Safety Tips For Parents Of Young Children

Televisions have become bigger and more impressive in recent years. However, parents with young children should exercise extreme caution with regard to all aspects of television safety as a way to keep children free from accident and injury. For example, one of the easiest ways to improve television safety around the home is to always […]