Slip and Fall Compensation 101

At Hastings and Hastings, we have deal with a vast amount of slip and fall cases arising in the Phoenix, Metropolitan area. A slip and fall case falls under the broad genus of personal injury. If property owner was negligent, and as a result, someone is injured, the victim of negligence is entitled to compensatory […]

A Device that Would Destroy the plot of Goodfellas

There is an invention that protects against trunk entrapment. In fact, the invention is so successful that it is now mandatory to install in all cars for safety purposes. Essentially, it is a glow-in-the-dark release handle designed to allow people to escape from trunks in the event that they are accidently or intentionally entrapped in […]

Dog Bite Claims Increase

A dog bite suit or animal bite suit results when a person is injured by an animal or dog. Moreover, it must be shown that the animal was permitted to bite the victim because of the owner’s negligence. If you or anyone you know is injured because an animal owner neglected to provide proper care, […]

LSAT 102

This is part two of a two part series that will help hopeful law school attendees study for their entrance exam. People who say that standardized tests are not learnable have no idea what there’re talking about. The SAT, the LSAT, and GMAT, are game-able to some extent. In order to succeed you must obliterate […]

LSAT 101

This is part one of a two part series that will help hopeful law school attendees study for their entrance exam. Every year thousands of college hopefuls sit for the Law School Admission Test LSAT to find out what they’re made of. The test is required for entry by all real law schools. It is […]

Prospective Law Grads, Tips for Choosing Major

The best advice you can ever receive on this topic is as follows: Don’t go pre-law! You are better off majoring in art history or communications than taking on a pre-law major. Statistically, pre-law students score lower on the LSAT than almost any major. Moreover, if you decide you don’t want to practice law, then […]

Turn Signal Violations

For the sake of safety, and the well-being of your fellow citizens, we encourage anyone operating a motorized vehicle to use their turn signal any time they intend to change a lane or make a turn. In fact, one of our own was victimized by a careless driver who failed to utilize the turn signal […]


At Hasting and Hasting, we are proud to have been called to one of the world’s most ancient professions. The vocation of lawyering dates back as far as history itself, and some of the most notable players in antiquity were lawyers. Looking back is always interesting because it shows that things were then as they […]

Legal Films on Netflix

After a long day of toil, relaxing on the couch, pouring a glass of wine, and tuning into Netflix with the object of your affection can be a very satisfying feeling. Sometimes Netflix gets a bad rap for peddling sub-par films with little to no entertainment value— O contraire! Netflix still rolls out some of […]

Medical Malpractice 101

For those interested in medical malpractice, the movie The Verdict on Netflix is a decent place to start. It deals with a washed up, borderline alcoholic lawyer, that is handed the case of a lifetime on a silver platter. Two of the most prominent doctors in town have been neglecting their medical duties, killing patients […]