Should I Seek Medical Care After an Accident If I Don’t Feel Injured?

February 23, 2024 Legal Team
After being involved in an accident, many individuals face the dilemma of whether to seek medical care, especially when they don't feel injured. However, the shock and adrenaline immediately following an incident can often mask pain or injuries, making them not immediately apparent. It's crucial to understand the importance of seeking medical attention as...
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How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take to Settle?

February 18, 2024 Legal Team
Personal injury cases arise when an individual suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else is legally responsible for that harm. These claims cover a wide range of scenarios - from car collisions to slip-and-fall accidents all the way to medical malpractice. The time it takes for a personal injury case to...
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How Do Insurance Claims Work for Arizona Truck Accidents?

January 30, 2024 Legal Team
Accidents involving trucks are often more complex than standard motor vehicle collisions. Given the potential for significant damage and injuries because of the size and weight of the vehicles, as well as the likelihood of multiple liable parties, it's imperative that you understand how the insurance claims process works in Arizona. In most cases,...
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Arizona Driving Laws You Should Know

January 24, 2024 Legal Team
Being behind the wheel requires a certain level of responsibility. It's not just about having control of your vehicle and knowing how to drive safely, but also understanding and adhering to the necessary laws that rule the road. If you're driving in Arizona, respecting local traffic regulations is essential for both your safety and...
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How is the Value of a Wrongful Death Case Determined?

January 19, 2024 Legal Team
Losing a loved one is beyond difficult, and if it's caused by the negligence or wrongful act of another party, it can feel even more unacceptable. This heartbreaking circumstance is legally referred to as wrongful death and leaves emotional trauma in its path. While no amount of money could ever make up for a...
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