Arizona Driving Laws You Should Know

January 24, 2024 Legal Team
Being behind the wheel requires a certain level of responsibility. It's not just about having control of your vehicle and knowing how to drive safely, but also understanding and adhering to the necessary laws that rule the road. If you're driving in Arizona, respecting local traffic regulations is essential for both your safety and...
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Car Seat Laws in Arizona

January 14, 2024 Legal Team
Ensuring maximum safety while transporting your little ones is always of utmost importance, and an essential part of that involves adhering to car seat laws. Each state has its own regulations designed to protect children in vehicles, and Arizona is no exception. These specific laws provide guidelines for height, weight, and proper seating positions...
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What is the Statute of Limitations for an Arizona Personal Injury Claim?

December 20, 2023 Legal Team
Understanding time frames for legal proceedings is essential in any case, especially when it comes to personal injury claims. One of the most crucial deadlines is the statute of limitations. This legal rule outlines specific deadlines by which you need to file a lawsuit after suffering harm. If this timeline expires before you initiate...
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Arizona Traffic Accident Statistics (2022)

December 15, 2023 Legal Team
Arizona's roads and highways have unfortunately become more dangerous, according to recent data from the Arizona Department of Transportation. The state recorded a peak in fatal traffic accidents reported within 2022 - higher than ever seen over the previous 14 years - further highlighting an urgent need for renewed commitment toward road safety measures...
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Arizona Social Host Laws: Can You Be Liable For Your Party Guest’s DUI?

December 12, 2023 Legal Team
Dealing with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be overwhelming, having to endure serious physical injuries and frustrating legal complexities. Amidst all this, understanding social host liability can surface as a critical resource in your attempt at seeking justice. Social host laws pertain to scenarios where an individual provides alcohol at events...
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