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Did You Know? Most Car Accidents Happen Close To Home

July 29, 2023 Legal Team

We often worry about the dangers of long road trips or unfamiliar roads, but have you ever considered the risks you encounter simply driving within your familiar neighborhood? Recent studies have shown that a significant portion of car accidents occur close to home, highlighting the importance of practicing caution even on short journeys.

Most Car Accidents Happen Close To Home

The Potential Consequences of Accidents Close to Home

When thinking about car accidents, you might initially focus on the potential for injuries or fatalities. While these concerns are genuine and must be considered seriously, the consequences can extend far beyond the immediate physical harm. Accidents near home can result in significant property damage, financial burdens, and emotional distress.

Property damage arising from a car accident can be costly, particularly if the accident occurs near residential areas. Damage to homes, vehicles, lawns, and personal possessions can quickly accumulate, leaving you with the responsibility and stress of managing repairs, insurance claims, and replacements.

Why Do Accidents Happen So Close To Home?

It’s a fact that often goes overlooked: most car accidents happen close to home. One study of injured patients found that 88% were injured within 10 miles of their home. So, why does this occur, and what can you do to help prevent these accidents from happening?

Familiarity Breeds Complacency

One reason car accidents are more likely to occur near your home is familiarity with the roads and conditions you encounter on them. As drivers become accustomed to their daily commute or routine errands, they may have less awareness of potential hazards. This can lead drivers to make poor decisions that result in an accident.

Parked Vehicles and Narrow Streets

Many car accidents occur on small roads near our homes due to drivers having less time and space to react when they encounter unforeseen obstacles. These streets often have cars parked on one or both sides of the road as well, making it almost impossible for a driver to swerve out of the way.

Lower Speeds May Encourage Risky Behavior

When people take short trips that involve lower speed limits (like when they’re near their house in a residential neighborhood), they may become more prone to routine behaviors such as checking their phone, not wearing a seatbelt, and rolling through stop signs. This could ultimately lead to a serious accident. 

People Assume Short Trips Are Safe

People tend to assume short trips don’t involve as much risk as longer journeys do. Without truly realizing how perilous a drive can be no matter the distance, drivers become less vigilant while behind the wheel near their homes.

Drugs and Alcohol

It is no secret that drugs and alcohol play a major role in many avoidable car accidents. After drinking too much or taking recreational drugs before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, people can dangerously overestimate their own abilities while on the road while also underestimating typical risks associated with driving.

Teenage Drivers and the Lack of Experience

Lastly, teenage drivers often lack experience and can be more prone to car accidents. As a parent, guardian, or mentor, educating young drivers about safe driving habits from the start is essential. Encourage them to practice in low-risk areas to build confidence and teach them to uphold a responsible attitude behind the wheel.

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