Rapper 50 Cent Blames his Bankruptcy on Lawyers

In a recent court document, 50 Cent, whose surname is Curtis James Jackson III, argued that his bankruptcy isn’t from “excessive current expense” but is due to “substantial costs for litigation.” Mr. Jackson specifically charges lawyers for interfering with a business deal that prompted Mr. Jackson to pay $17.2 million to an old partner. He […]

Against Drinking and Driving

Other than the fact that drinking and driving is illegal and you could possibly go to jail for it, it should be avoided entirely for the sake of your fellow citizens’ welfare. Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous. It accounts for thousands of serious accidents each year that result in catastrophic injuries or death. If […]

Modern Library’s Best Novels of All Time

Most lawyers like to read, given the nature of their vocation. At Hastings and Hastings, we are happy to share some of our favorite novels off the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels, and why we are so fond of them. Ulysses, James Joyce This book comes in at # 1 on the all-time greatest novels […]

On the Nature of Monsoons

Monsoons have been around for ages. It comes from an Arabic word mausim which ultimately means season. Monsoons are traditionally categorized as seasonal storms involving reversing winds accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation. They are also categorized by the added requirement that a monsoon must be associated with seasonal changes in atmospheric circulation and involve […]

How to Avoid Being Struck by Lightning

Obviously, the best defense against being struck by lightning is to avoid it all together. Id est, walking outside during a lightning storm is highly inadvisable. However, staying indoors is not a fool proof defense. People indeed do get struck by lightning even when they remain indoors. Part of avoiding lighting strikes is the art […]

Diagnosing Whiplash

Whiplash is a very common injury that occurs in car crashes. It may take several days for symptoms to surface, but nevertheless, whiplash can take time to heal and can result in considerable pain and expense. If you notice any of the symptoms, make sure you consult a personal injury attorney to help you secure […]

A Call to Action for Female Lawyers

A recent study pulled data from 2013 cases that filled the U.S District Courts. Out of the civil cases, 68% were litigated by men, and 76% of lead counsels were men. Women, who comprise only 36% of the legal profession account for only 17% of large law firm equity partners, and only 22% comprise Fortune […]

Surviving a Shark Attack

Although the probability of a shark attack is less than being struck by lightning (.003%), it would be a horrifying event. Sharks are intimidating animals by virtue of their size, brutality, and their predatory nature. The good news is that humans are higher on the food chain than sharks and thus sharks can be warded […]

Silliness Amidst the Legal System

The legal system is for the most part a highly evolved airtight system. But there are a few components of our justice system that can be considered superfluous or even absurd. On the flipside of the coin though, some of the disputes, issues, or transgressions that make their way to the legal system are equally […]

Tips for Dealing with Burnout and Exhaustion

Nothing is more satisfying than chasing down some intellectual endeavor like a white whale. But amidst a quest for glory and self-affirmation, one can become tired, and thus, their efforts will be thwarted. In the case of such an event there are a few practical techniques one can apply to evade burnout or fatigue. Below […]