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Being involved in a collision is an unfortunate and stressful event. Whether you think the accident was your fault or not, there are certain steps to take. While many people think the first thing to do is call their insurance company, we recommend calling the police. Then call your auto accident attorney in Phoenix who will advise you about the next steps.

Before leaving home, be sure your phone is fully charged and the insurance cards are in the glove box. Some drivers keep paper and pens in the car. In case of an accident, they’re able to take notes about the event and gather witness contact information. Of course, you can also do this on your phone.


After a car accident, take a moment for a deep breath and to gather your thoughts. Check everyone in your vehicle for major injuries. Then take a minute to think about what happened.

It can be challenging to remember details later. The more you can recall and write or record, the better.

1. Call the police.

Even in the case of a minor accident, this is important. If there is no police record, stories are subject to change. We’d like to think everyone is honest but that’s unfortunately not reality. Once everyone is taken care of and what happened sets in, the more likely witnesses either don’t recall events as clearly as at the scene or their story changes.

Be sure to note any injuries. This can impact how your personal injury attorneys in Phoenix can help with your settlement. In the case of a major collision, you may need to advise 911 operators about the injuries of those involved.

2. Take pictures.

Before the cars are moved, take pictures of the scene of the accident. This can be important to proving who was at fault later. It may also determine what damage was caused by the current accident and what may have been pre-existing. This is important because the insurance company won’t share their photos with your Phoenix accident attorney.

If the accident and injuries are not severe, take pictures of cuts and bruises at the scene. These injuries heal quickly making it important to capture for your personal injury attorneys in Phoenix.

3. Gather contact information.

Even the best accident lawyer in Phoenix needs to know who was involved in the car accident, including witnesses. Use your cell phone to take photos of the people involved as well as their insurance card and driver’s license. If you can, get a phone number. We caution you to not get in an altercation if they refuse. Simply take photos of the scene and the license plate of their vehicle if you can.

4. Seek medical attention. 

Even if you don’t think you’re injured at the scene of the accident, go to urgent care or an emergency room to get checked. Some injuries aren’t noticeable right away or are detectable by a medical professional. This is often the case with injuries like whiplash or concussions.

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