Tips Involving The Use Of Smoke Detectors

Tips Involving The Use Of Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors have been around for some time and have provided an added level of safety for homeowners and businesses over the years. Most importantly, smoke detectors are inexpensive and highly reliable when it comes to detecting a wide variety of smoke and fire related issues around the home. One of the key aspects of getting the most out of smoke detectors is to always install units throughout each level of a home or business.

Smoke Detector Alarms And Warnings

Equally useful is to ensure that every bedroom in the home has a smoke detector. Statistically speaking, more fires have originated in the bedroom than any other room in the house. As an added note it is recommended to refrain from installing a smoke detector in or around an area where cooking vapors will be present. This can cause false smoke detector alarms and warnings. Homeowners should make it a point to test smoke detectors on a regular basis. In most instances, checking smoke detectors on the first of each month is a good policy.

Improper Testing Or Lack Of Testing

In fact, homeowners can even make a small notation on a calendar for smoke detector testing on the first of each month. When testing a smoke detector it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a successful test. Improper testing or lack of testing can result in a smoke detector not working when it is needed the most. Changing smoke detector batteries at least two times each year can also enhance the overall reliability of this important safety device.

Well Worth The Time And Effort

In most cases a smoke detector will make a chirping sound indicating that the unit’s battery is indeed low. When this happens, homeowners should act quickly to replace the batteries. Postponing or delaying battery replacement could easily result in devastating consequences. Finally, homeowners may wish to consider replacing any smoke detectors that are more than a decade old. When smoke detectors become old and outdated they can be unreliable and no longer effective in detecting smoke and fire. Staying proactive in this regard is well worth the time and effort. Remember that carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless and colorless. It is a dangerous gas that must be avoided. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a personal injury attorney in Phoenix.

Apartment Building And Dormitory Safety Tips

Apartment Building And Dormitory Safety Tips

Living in the apartment building or dormitory presents unique safety concerns that should always be considered. For example, knowing where the nearest exit or stairwell is located in an apartment building is perhaps one of the most pressing elements of overall safety. Being trapped in a dwelling or an apartment when a fire is in progress can result in smoke inhalation related injuries or loss of life.

Enclosed Or Confined Space Such As An Elevator

Experts also recommend that those living in an apartment never use an elevator if confronted with a fire. Subjecting one’s self to an enclosed or confined space such as an elevator during a fire is a sure way to create added danger. Always opt for the stairwell or stairway when exiting a burning building. Those living in an apartment or dormitory should consult with building management to determine the best evacuation procedures if fire is encountered. Even the local fire departments can offer useful information in this regard.

Simply For The Asking

As a matter of fact, many local fire departments offer a variety of safety training courses that are usually free of charge. This is an excellent way to learn more about fire prevention and fire safety around the home, an apartment or in a dormitory setting. Fire department personnel are often even able to visit a location to conduct a general fire safety inspection. Simply for the asking, many fire departments will be more than happy to offer assistance to those who are concerned about the potential for fire. Staying safe and avoiding fire related injury is as simple as being proactive when it comes to safety training and fire prevention.

Being Able To Navigate A Building Successfully

Finally, those living in an apartment or a dormitory should know in advance the number of doors that are between a living space and the stairway. This is important because when a raging fire is in progress thick black-smoke will make it virtually impossible to see the exit path. Knowing how many doors must be transited in order to exit a building can save lives. Being able to navigate a building successfully when visibility has been reduced to zero is an important and necessary element of fire safety. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a personal injury attorney in Phoenix Arizona with years of dedicated experience.

Burn Prevention Tips For Those Who Smoke

Burn Prevention Tips For Those Who Smoke

Cigar smokers and those who choose to smoke in any other capacity may wish to consider a few sensible and useful burn prevention tips. Taking the time to be proactive in this regard can save time, trouble and potential injury. For example, one of the most obvious and most important aspects of safe smoking in a dwelling is to never light up near flammable substances or materials.

A Means For Dousing Butts

This can include everything from combustible liquids such as nail polish to sheer curtains and even lighter fluid. In addition, never smoking in bed is an excellent strategy for greatly reducing the chances of being involved in a home fire. Many fires have originated because homeowners chose to smoke while in bed. When entertaining, it is recommended to provide guests with large size ashtrays that are deep for discarding butts. It is also recommended by experts to provide a means for dousing butts prior to discarding in an ashtray.

Doing A Sweep Of The Room

Equally important is to ensure full accountability of all cigarettes, cigars or other types of smoke-able items prior to going to bed. Inspecting all rooms and areas including cushions and underneath upholstered furniture for smoldering items can greatly reduce the possibility of a late-night fire. This is especially true following a party or social gathering where smokers have been present. Doing a sweep of the room when tidying up after a party is a smart and effective way of preventing a house fire. Even those who choose to smoke outdoors should exercise extreme caution at all times.

Consult With The Local Fire Department

Fires around the yard and fires in an automobile can all be avoided by simply taking the necessary precautions. Countless lives have been lost in the past due to careless or reckless smoking. A little bit of preventative action can go far in preventing fires, injuries and loss of life. As an added note, those wishing to learn more about fire safety can consult with their local fire department. Many municipal fire departments offer free safety classes that can enhance awareness when it comes to handling fire in almost any capacity. Consider these burn prevention tips as a way to stay safe indoors and outdoors. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury legal assistance.

Gasoline Handling Safety Tips For Homeowners

Gasoline Handling Safety Tips For Homeowners

Gasoline is useful in a wide variety of applications around the home, however there are instances where gasoline can be dangerous and even life threatening. For example, storing gasoline in the right way is important to reducing the chances of fire or exposure to toxic fumes. As a rule of thumb, homeowners should make it a habit to always store gasoline outside in a garage or detached shed. Equally important is to limit the amount of gasoline that is stored.

Gasoline Is Very Toxic And Very Flammable

In addition, when storing gasoline it is recommended by experts to always store this type of liquid substance in an approved container that is sealed and kept out of reach of children. Equally important is to never use gasoline or any other type of flammable liquids as an alternative to a cleaning substance or agent. Gasoline is very toxic and very flammable. It makes far more sense to simply purchase a cleaning agent that is approved for the cleaning job at hand.

Asphyxiation Is A Serious Concern

When filling up a gas motor or gas operated vehicle it is recommended to avoid doing this type of activity in an enclosed area or space. Filling up a gasoline motor in a closed garage or closed shed is a sure way to become asphyxiated. In addition to the fire danger associated with gasoline, asphyxiation is a serious concern that has sent many people to the hospital in the past. Of equal importance is to refrain from ever trying to start a snow blower, lawnmower or anything else that uses gasoline in an enclosed space.

Exercise Extreme Caution In This Regard

It is recommended to move any vehicle or piece of power equipment away from combustible gasoline fumes prior to starting the device or piece of equipment. When a gas powered motor starts there is the potential for sparks and flames. When sparks and flames are combined with gasoline fumes the end result can be an explosion or fire. Exercise extreme caution in this regard as a way to always stay safe. Along the same lines it is also recommended to always let power equipment and small motors cool completely prior to attempting to refuel. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix personal injury lawyer representation if you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence.

Electrical Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners

Electrical Fire Safety Tips For Homeowners

Electricity provides for many creature comforts that would otherwise not be possible in today’s world. However, there are instances where electrical fires do occur around the home and in businesses. Considering a few important and necessary electrical-fire safety tips can go a long way in keeping the occupants of any building safe and secure. House fires cause countless injuries and take lives each and every year.

Read The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Perhaps one of the most basic and most essential elements of electrical safety around the home is to never allow any type of electrical appliance or its cord to make contact with water. In instances where an appliance is specifically intended to come into contact with water it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions to operate this type of device safely. Equally important is to immediately unplug any appliance or device that begins to emanate the smell of smoke. This is a sure sign that an appliance or device is malfunctioning.

Electrical Cords That Appear Frayed or Cracked

Leaving a device plugged in after the smell of smoke is detected is a sure way to cause a fire. Another key strategy for preventing an electrical fire around the home is to always replace electrical cords that appear frayed or cracked. Many homeowners have heard the advice in the past that it is important to never overload extension cords or power outlets. This advice is just as true today as it was years ago. This is one of the most common causes of electrical fires in the home. Another major concern is that of running electrical cords underneath a rug or carpet.

Call An Electrical Contractor Or Electrician

Refrain from this type of activity to avoid electrical fires. Homeowners should also refrain from tampering with or working on a fuse box or circuit breaker box in the home. If there is a problem with this type of electrical equipment it is best to call an electrical contractor or electrician to have the problem corrected. As an added note, it is also a good idea to avoid placing any type of flammable liquids or objects around or near light bulbs. Light bulbs become very hot and can easily cause a fire. Using the right wattage light bulb is equally as important. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for Phoenix Arizona personal injury law related services and legal representation.

Playground Safety Tips

Playground Safety Tips

One of the most enjoyable experiences for young children is to simply play and frolic at a playground with other children. However, it is important for parents to take into account these essential safety measures intended to make a trip to the playground more enjoyable and free of injury. Countless accidents and injuries occur each and every day across the country around playground areas. Staying safe in this regard is important to overall child health and wellness.

Supervise Children At All Times

Perhaps one of the most essential and important aspects of staying safe in the playground environment is to supervise children at all times. As children swing, jump, climb and run they can easily become injured. Monitoring children’s activity on the playground and instructing them in proper play can prevent accidents. Another great way of reducing the chances of an accident or injury while at a playground is to simply choose the types of playgrounds that make use of shock absorbing surfaces.

Rubber Playground Surfaces Are Incredibly Shock Absorbing

Today’s modern playgrounds take advantage of a wide range of materials that can reduce impact and reduce injury. From wood chips to mulch and pea gravel as well as sand and synthetic turf there are many options available today to those who install and maintain playgrounds. One material in particular that is being used increasingly across the country is that of rubber. Rubber playground surfaces are incredibly shock absorbing and can substantially reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries. Parents should avoid playgrounds that have concrete or asphalt surfaces whenever possible.

Items Can Get Caught On Playground Equipment

Finally, teaching children good etiquette when it comes to playing on the playground can also reduce accidents and unnecessary injuries. For example, teaching the basics when it comes to not shoving, pushing or crowding while on the playground can go a long way in keeping all kids safe. As an added note, dressing appropriately for a visit to the playground is also a good idea. Children should not wear clothing that has drawstrings or scarves. It is also a smart to remove any jewelry, necklaces or rings. These items can all get caught on playground equipment resulting in injury. Playing it safe on the playground is well worth the time and effort. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for personal injury attorney services in Phoenix.

Tips For Preventing Gun Accidents And Injuries

Tips For Preventing Gun Accidents And Injuries

There are literally millions of guns in circulation throughout the United States. That said gun related accidents and injuries happen each and every day for a wide variety of reasons. One of the best ways to reduce the incidence of gun accidents and related injuries is to consider a few basic yet important tips with regard to handling and owning a firearm.

Unloaded And Always Out Of Reach And Out Of Sight

For example, good gun storage is a major first step in ensuring that accidents and injuries do not occur. When storing a firearm it is important to make certain that it is unloaded and always out of reach and out of sight of children and others who should not have access. In many instances a double redundancy storage strategy is the best option. This simply means locking the firearm trigger and then storing the firearm in a locked fire safe. This double redundancy safety measure can make it virtually impossible for someone to access a firearm that results in an accident.

Always Keep Keys And Combinations Well Hidden

Next, it is recommended to always store ammunition in a separate and secure location away from the firearm itself. Keeping a firearm and ammunition out of reach and out of sight can improve safety substantially. When locking a firearm in a storage safe or other location that requires a key or combination it is recommended to keep keys and combinations well hidden. Preventing accidents when it comes to owning a firearm is often as easy as using good old-fashioned common sense.

Preventing Unauthorized Use Of A Firearm

Finally, any time a firearm is taken out of a lockbox or safe it is essential to know at all times where it is and to keep it in line of sight. Many accidents have occurred over the years because gun accountability was not maintained. As an added note, there are many high quality child resistant type gunlocks available on the open market today. These devices are highly effective at preventing unauthorized use of a firearm. Staying safe and maintaining a firearm in a safe and secure way can prevent injuries and loss of life related accidents. As a bonus, those who own firearms may choose to take firearm safety courses when available. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for Arizona personal injury lawyer assistance.

Tips On How To Best Escape A Fire

Tips On How To Best Escape A Fire

Fires happen each and every day across the country and that is why it is so vital to stay proactive when it comes to having a definitive plan for escaping a fire. For example, one of the most basic elements of any fire safety plan is to have working smoke detectors throughout a home or business. This is actually part of the overall fire escape plan that should never be overlooked.

Never Ignore A Smoke Alarm

The smoke detector is typically the device that will initiate an escape. In addition to having a working smoke detector it is always important to heed any warnings made by a detector. In short, never ignore a smoke alarm or fire alarm once it has activated. Even if smoke or fire is not present, an alarm warning should be treated with the respect that it deserves. It is far better to evacuate a building unnecessarily than it is to become trapped in a burning structure.

Always Feel A Door Prior To Opening

When developing a fire escape plan it is best to have a definitive escape route in mind at all times. Have access to unobstructed exits out of each and every room in the home. Planning well in advance in this regard and talking with family members is an excellent way to increase overall home safety. When a fire is in progress it is essential to feel a door prior to opening the door. If there is evidence of heat on the door it may be necessary to find an alternate escape route. When transiting a doorway it is equally important to close the door behind you as a way to prevent the propagation of fire.

Falling From A Second Story Window

On multistory buildings it is recommended by experts to have a plan in place on how to reach the ground safely. There are many devices available today that can be installed on second-story levels to make egress safe. Escaping from a fire to avoid injury only to be injured by falling from a second story window or higher should be avoided. Families preparing an escape strategy or escape plan should have an established meeting place already selected. Meeting outdoors away from smoke and fire should always be a top priority. Contact Hastings & Hastings today for Phoenix Arizona personal injury legal representation.

First Aid Basics For Burn Related Injuries

First Aid Basics For Burn Related Injuries

Burn injuries can be particularly dangerous and life threatening to young and old alike. Here are a few basic and important burn related first aid tips worth considering. Perhaps most important of all is to seek out professional medical care and assistance as soon as possible any time a substantial burn has occurred. In the interim, there are some things that individuals can do to lessen the severity and pain of a burn.

Refrain From Applying Ice

For example, cooling a burn with tepid or cool clean water is always one of the best ways to provide immediate care. This should be performed on any burn regardless of the severity or degree of the burn. When flushing a burn with cool clean water it should be done so for a minimum of 10 minutes. Those caring for someone who has been burned should refrain from applying ice to the burn. Home remedies, ointments, cold butter or ice should not be used on a burn.

Brush Away Any Powder

Removing clothing, outerwear or any garments can help to reduce the pain associated with being burned. In addition to reducing pain, taking this important step helps to reduce contact time with items that may be causing the burn. It is also critical to cover the affected area with a try clean towel or cloth. Even a blanket can be used as a way to protect the burn area and reduce pain. When dealing with a chemical burn it is recommended by experts to increase the flushing with clean cool water to at least 20 minutes. Equally important is to brush away any powder or substance that is causing the burn.

Keeping The Simple Fact In Mind

As stated earlier all burns require medical attention making this the top priority. Seeking medical care for any burn that is larger than a few inches in size should be the main concern once the injury has been stabilized. This is especially true for burn victims who are elderly or children who have experienced a serious burn. Burn related accidents happen each and every day across the country and throughout the state of Arizona. Keeping this simple fact in mind, knowing first aid basics with regard to burn related injuries is well worth the time and effort. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury related legal representation.

Seat Belt Safety For Children

Seat Belt Safety For Children

Virtually every adult who operates a motor vehicle today knows the importance of wearing seatbelts. However, children often overlook the necessity of wearing seatbelts at all times. That is why it is up to parents to ensure that children are always properly buckled-in when riding in a motor vehicle. Once a child is old enough to wear a seatbelt and is no longer occupying a booster seat they should wear their safety belts in the right way.

Behavior Patterns

For example, parents should talk with children and teach them the importance of wearing seatbelts on every ride in an automobile regardless of the distance. It is equally important to instruct children on wearing their seatbelts when they are riding in someone else’s car. Establishing these behavior patterns early in life can ultimately reduce accidents, injuries and loss of life. Equally important is to keep children in the back seat until they are old enough to transition to the front seat.

Improving Seatbelt Awareness

Each state has different laws in this regard and that is why it is good to check with reliable sources with regard to the proper age for transitioning a child to the front seat. One very simple strategy for improving seatbelt awareness in children is to ensure that adults are wearing their seatbelts at all times. Children learn by example and when they see adults buckling up they will be far more likely to buckle up themselves. While most automobiles today have shoulder belts, some older vehicles do not have this type of safety device.

Lap And Shoulder Belt Is Being Worn At All Times

Know what seatbelt type is available in your particular vehicle and strive to ensure that a lap and shoulder belt is being worn at all times by children riding in a vehicle. Finally, seatbelts and shoulder belts work best when children are sitting in an upright and straight position. Leaning to one side or the other or slouching forward in an automobile even when a seatbelt is fastened can increase the chances of injury. Consider these basic yet important safety tips with regard to keeping children properly buckled up at all times when riding in any type of motor vehicle. Contact Hastings & Hastings today to learn more about Phoenix personal injury lawyer assistance if you or someone you know has been injured because of someone else’s negligence.