On the Fundamentals of Gun Safety

The second amendment reads as follows: “a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Indeed, the right to bear arms is a special privilege we Americans enjoy, albeit one not supported by every American, and the topic […]

Bucket Head Bandit

According to a report published on NOLA.com, a burglar who was a former employee at an establishment attempted burglary with a bucket on his head. Obviously, using a bucket for a disguise is far from ideal. The reason being obvious, id est the obstruction of vision inherent while wearing a bucket on one’s head. Indeed, […]

Utah T.V. Personality Pleads Guilty to Punting Owl While Paragliding

A one Dell Schanze, who goes by the nickname, “Super Dell,” gained small town fame as the TV pitchman for a business called “Totally Awesome Computers.” Super Dell’s ads are over the top (to say the least), and for anyone interested in his antics, here is a good place to start. Although a colorful personality […]

TSA Fails 67 out of 70 Security Tests

Scoring this on a standardized test would almost be theoretically impossible if one was to summon the law of large numbers.  If you scored this on a fill in the blank test, your professor might have suspicious that you are smoking reefer. But what can you say about TSA’s recent random test published in ABC […]

Please Avoid Driving Drowsy

It is estimated that over a quarter million people jump behind the wheel fatigued, every single day. It has even been found in a recent poll conducted by the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School that 54% of all drivers have driven drowsy, while another 28% admit to dozing off behind the wheel […]

Cymbalta Users Beware

In August of 2004, the FDA approved of the drug Cymbalta to treat depression. Cymbalta is a serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) which functions by managing certain brain chemical associated with mental stability. The drug was later found to treat other conditions such as: anxiety, muscle pain, urinary incontinence, stress, and even diabetic neuropathy. The drug […]

The Difference between British and American English

Learning another language can be a difficult, seemingly impossible endeavor a times. The subtle intricacies of languages can be tough to grasp: Chinese and the honorific case, pronouncing French, German articles, Russian case system, Latin declensions, and in English, prepositions. Indeed, the most common complaint from foreigners is the difficulty grasping our metaphorical, abstract use […]

Remembering, Diomedes—Ancient Greek Hero

Nowadays, the word hero has been devalued. A teacher who takes extra time with a student, a man who bears a 9-5 to support his family, and a kid who says no to drugs are all labeled heroes. But, this word was reserved to describe only the most excellent examples of honor, chivalry, and bravery […]

Absurd Arizona Laws

It was said that laws were instituted amongst people to keep the peace of the social body, and prevent strife from within. But every now and then, the talented policy makers of a social body will be led astray and pass completely, ridiculous, unnecessary laws that serve no purpose except for looking perfectly preposterous. Below […]

Aid in Dying Bill Passes the California Senate

California, which vaunts the 8th largest economy in the entire world, just passed a bill through the state senate clearing assisted deaths for terminally ill adults with less than six months to live. The “End of Life Option Act” cleared the California senate with a 23-to-14 decision, and now it will make its way to […]