Electrical Safety Tips Intended To Reduce Burns And Fire Hazards

Electrical Safety Tips Intended To Reduce Burns And Fire Hazards

Electricity powers the lives of people across the country on a daily basis. However, there are many instances and circumstances where electricity can cause serious problems, burn injuries and even loss of life events. One of the best ways to avoid the potential for injury when it comes to electricity is to consider some basic and essential safety tips that are routinely discussed by electricity safety experts.

Installing The Wrong Type Of Light Bulb

For example, when replacing light bulbs around the home it is essential that homeowners carefully consider the manufacturer’s recommendations in term of selecting the right type of light bulb. From proper wattage to proper bulb size, there are many variables and many factors that must be considered when purchasing a light bulb. Installing the wrong type of light bulb can easily cause a fire hazard. In fact, many fires have occurred over the years resulting in serious damage, injury and loss of life because the wrong light bulb was installed.

Avoiding The Improper Placement Of Electrical Cords

Equally worth considering when it comes to light bulb safety is to never place flammable objects or items anywhere near a working light bulb. Another way to increase safety when it comes to electricity is to avoid running any type of electrical cords under area rugs or other types of rugs. This is a sure way to cause a potential fire. Along with avoiding the improper placement of electrical cords it is also a good idea to replace any electrical cords if they become frayed, cracked or split. This is an inexpensive way of protecting a home and its occupants.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Finally, homeowners should always make it a point to avoid overloading extension cords or electrical outlets. This is another common situation that has resulted in many home fires in past years. A standard safety recommendation that has been in place for many decades that is just as important today as it was years ago is to always avoid allowing electrical cords to come into contact with water. Even something as simple as placing a portable radio near a bathtub can easily turn into a potentially dangerous situation. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when operating any type of appliance or electrical device. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix Arizona personal injury lawyer assistance.

Avoiding Hazards Associated With Space Heaters

Avoiding Hazards Associated With Space Heaters

Space heaters have historically been responsible for a major percentage of many of the home fires that happen each and every year across the country. With that said, there are some simple yet vital safety tips that every homeowner should consider as a way to make certain that a space heater does not cause a fire that results in damage or injury. For example, something as simple as always having a fire extinguisher ready and available is an excellent way to improve safety.

Providing Space Heaters With Adequate Space

Also important is to provide space heaters with adequate space at all times. For example, a typical space heater should be at least 3 feet away from any item that can potentially catch fire or burn. This includes such items as rugs, drapes, furniture and even clothing or pillows. In short, providing space heaters with adequate space so that they do not cause a potential fire is well worth the effort.

Serious And Catastrophic Burns

Another key aspect of maintaining the highest levels of safety when it comes to operating a space heater is to always ensure that children and pets stay clear of a space heater when it is operating. Serious burns have occurred over the years because unsuspecting children have climbed onto a space heater or even simply just touched a space heater. Young children that are just beginning to learn to walk can easily fall onto a space heater resulting in serious and catastrophic burns. Parents should stay proactive when it comes to space heaters and keeping children safe.

Never Leave A Space Heater Unattended

Finally, even the best laid plans can provide little comfort unless a space heater is always monitored. In other words, never leave a space heater unattended while it is in operation. This combined with always making certain that all space heaters are turned off prior to leaving home in the morning or any other time of the day can reduce the likelihood of a home fire. Space heaters can provide warmth and comfort for many years. However, they can also cause substantial damage, injury and even loss of life. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix personal injury legal representation for injuries sustained because of someone else’s negligence.

Tips For Preventing Burns In The Kitchen

Tips For Preventing Burns In The Kitchen

Considered by experts to be one of the most common locations in the home where burns occur, the kitchen can be a far safer place when a few simple tips are considered. For example, it is important to always wear clothing that is close fitting and roll up one’s sleeves prior to cooking. Equally important is to always turn off the stovetop flames prior to reaching across or above the stove while cooking.

Cooking On The Back Burner

Sometimes the simplest strategies can reduce the likelihood of a burn injury in the kitchen environment. Another clear way to reduce the chances of potential burns in the kitchen is to always opt for cooking on the back burner. Turning pot handles inward as a way to prevent the possibility of spilling hot liquids is a simple and effective way to increase the safety of everyone present in the kitchen. Spraying aerosols near any type of open flame can be a dangerous activity. Avoid this as a way to prevent burns or even a potential fire.

Keep Dish Towels Far Away From The Stove

Dishtowels, surprisingly, can easily become a major fire hazard in the kitchen. While hanging a dishtowel over an oven door can look quite appealing especially during the holidays, it is this very practice that is strongly discouraged by experts. Dishtowels can easily ignite and lead to a much bigger fire. Play it safe, and always keep dishtowels far away from the stove, oven or other open flames in the kitchen. As with dishtowels, oven mitts, paper towels, cloth towels and other similar items should be deliberately stored in an area of the kitchen that is far away from any potential fire source.

Constant Awareness Of The Cooking Environment

Finally, those cooking in the kitchen should make it a habit to never leave items cooking unattended at any time. This is a sure way to create a hazard. It can also result in children becoming burned. Children are inquisitive and will instinctively grab a pot handle and pull. This is a dangerous scenario that can easily be avoided. Maintaining a constant awareness of the cooking environment and never leaving cooking unattended can go a long way in keeping safety at peak levels. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix that is focused and professional.

Increasing Child Safety Around The Kitchen

Increasing Child Safety Around The Kitchen

The kitchen has long been known as a gathering place in many homes where children are frequently present. However, there are certain dangers and hazards to kids that are associated with the kitchen environment that should be avoided as a way to prevent potential burns. For example, one of the easiest ways to keep children safe in terms of avoiding burns is to simply keep children out of the kitchen while meals are being prepared.

Assign Tasks To Older Children

Typically speaking, meal preparation time is a hectic time in most homes. Providing children with engaging activities in other parts of the house during meal preparation is often an easy strategy that can lessen the possibility of the potential accident. Parents can even choose to assign tasks to older children to oversee younger children while cooking is in progress. Equally important is to always avoid cooking at a stove or working with other hot items in the kitchen while holding a child.

Out Of Reach Of Children

Another simple strategy that can reduce the potential for a kitchen related accident is to refrain from using placemats or tablecloths in a home where small children are present. Children have been known to pull tablecloths and placemats off of a table resulting in hot liquids, hot food and other potentially dangerous items falling onto them by accident. Sometimes making a home child-safe can be as easy as eliminating many of the common things found around the home. This combined with always keeping hot liquids out of reach of children can greatly increase safety.

Avoid Burns And Fires

Finally, taking the necessary precautions with regard to appliance cords can keep small children out of trouble. This includes making certain that appliance cords do not dangle in a way that they can be reached by children. As an added note, keeping a stovetop and oven clean and free of debris, grease buildup and other similar items can greatly reduce the potential for a fire. Even a small simple fire on the stovetop can quickly turn into a large overwhelming fire in a very short period of time. Be cautious, be alert and consider all aspects of kitchen safety to avoid fires. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about a Phoenix personal injury lawyer that has been serving the community for decades.

Safety Precautions For Cooking Outdoors When Using A Grill

Safety Precautions For Cooking Outdoors When Using A Grill

Grilling outdoors is one of the most enjoyable ways of cooking. It provides added flavor and overall general enjoyment when it comes to the pleasure of cooking. However, as with cooking inside in a kitchen, cooking outdoors on a grill can present certain hazards and dangers with regard to burns and potential fires. Considering a few basic safety precautions can help prevent injury and even situations that could result in loss of life.

Approved Lighter Fluid Or Starter Fluid

One simple and easy safety precaution when it comes to grilling outdoors is to never use nonstandard or unapproved flammable liquids to enhance or start a fire in a grill. This includes never using such items as gasoline to start a grill fire. In short, only use approved lighter fluid or starter fluid that is purchased from a reputable source. Most grocery stores today have tested and approved lighter fluid and starter fluid that has been proven safe over the years when starting a grill.

A Careful And Safe Way To Revive A Fire

Equally wise is to never add any type of liquid lighter fluid once a fire has already begun to burn. A better option in this regard is to use some type of dry kindling in a careful and safe manner to revive a fire that has smoldered. Many accidents have occurred over the years where those grilling have tried to add lighter fluid to a fire when the fire has gone out. Play it safe and always avoid trying to add lighter fluid to a grill to revive a fire.

Never Use A Grill Indoors Or In A Garage

Another key concern with regard to maintaining the highest levels of safety when grilling outdoors is to always supervise children and ensure that they understand the importance of staying away from a grill when it is in operation. Many burn injuries have occurred because children were simply unaware of the dangers associated with a hot grill. As an added note, homeowners should read all documentation that comes with a new grill and never use a grill indoors or in a garage. Only use a grill in an approved way that is recommended by the manufacturer and keep a grill away from vegetation, combustibles or even the side of a building. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix burn accident legal representation.

Preventing Microwave Oven Burn Related Accidents

Preventing Microwave Oven Burn Related Accidents

Microwave ovens have proven over the years to provide a greater level of convenience than other types of more traditional cooking methods. However, as convenient and effective as microwave cooking is there are certain hazards and dangers that should be considered by those that routinely use microwave ovens to cook. For example, one of the easiest ways to avoid injury when it comes to cooking food in a microwave oven is to always stir food thoroughly after it has been heated.

Test The Temperature Of Foods

Stirring food thoroughly after heating in a microwave will mix hot and cool areas together and balance the temperature, ultimately avoiding potential burns. Another smart strategy for reducing the potential for burns when using a microwave oven is to always test the temperature of foods that have an outer shell or wrap. This is especially true with regard to giving children food that has been cooked in a microwave oven. “Pocket” type foods that are available in the frozen food section of grocery stores can cause serious burns if they are not cooked properly when using a microwave.

Out Of Reach Of Children

Prior to serving any type of “pocket” food to children it is important to make certain that the food has cooled adequately so as to prevent the burning of a child’s mouth. Equally of concern in this regard is to always make sure that food that is in the process of cooling is kept well out of reach of children. Many accidents have occurred in the past because parents have left hot food that is just out of the microwave unattended. Children unsuspectingly will pick up food and begin eating long before the food has actually cooled.

Operate A Microwave Oven In A Safe Way

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent burn injuries around the home with regard to microwave ovens is to always supervise children and make sure that they have been adequately trained on how to use this type of appliance. Children should be old enough and tall enough to operate a microwave oven in a safe way. Many microwave ovens that are mounted above a countertop. This can result in a serious burn hazard when it comes to hot liquids that can easily be spilled. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about Mesa personal injury attorney assistance.

Household Fire Safety Precautions

Household Fire Safety Precautions

Household fires happen each and every day across the country and around the world. They are responsible for a large number of serious injuries, catastrophic injuries and loss of life on an almost daily basis. That said there are some obvious and basic safety precautions that every household should be aware of as a way to reduce the potential for injury or loss of life if a fire does occur.

Quick And Efficient Egress

For example, families should establish and become familiar with an escape plan or an escape route that will allow quick and efficient egress from a home that is in flames. Equally important is to ensure that this escape route or escape plan is practiced at least twice each year. When an escape route or escape plan becomes second nature it can save lives. Also worth considering (if smoke and fire are present) is the value of staying low to the ground as a way to avoid the inhalation of smoke. Smoke inhalation is responsible for many deaths each year.

Have A Meeting Place Agreed Upon

When fire, smoke and flames are present, the occupants of a structure should move quickly to exit the building and stay low as a way to avoid smoke inhalation and burn injuries. As part of a home fire safety plan that is established well in advance, occupants of a home should have a meeting place agreed upon once everyone has exited a burning home. This can include a safe place away from the house without requiring anyone to cross a busy street. The area chosen should be far enough away from the home so that burning debris does not injure anyone.

Proceed With Caution

Having a place to meet in the event of a fire emergency can help with accountability issues and can improve overall levels of safety. For two-story homes, it is also good to make certain that a plan is in place to exit a window in a safe and efficient way. Avoiding the potential for injury by falling from a second story window is just as important as avoiding the potential for smoke inhalation injuries and burn injuries. As an added note, many fire safety experts recommend feeling a door prior to opening the door. If heat is detected, it is a god idea to proceed with caution. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Phoenix burn injury legal assistance.

Fire Safety Precautions For Homeowners

Fire Safety Precautions For Homeowners

Whether it is in a home or apartment or other type of structure, considering a few essential and basic safety precautions can go a long way in keeping occupants safe from potential fires. For example, one of the most basic and easiest ways to stay safe when it comes to a possible fire is to never ignore the warning sound of a fire alarm. Fire alarms are designed and intended to alert individuals when a fire is present.

Smoke And Fire In A Confined Area

With that said, it should always be standard procedure to act accordingly when a fire alarm goes off. As with a fire alarm, a smoke detector is an important and essential tool in any home or structure that can reduce the potential of injury and loss of life. A working and fully functioning smoke detector is one of the most useful aspects of staying safe when it comes to smoke and fire in any confined area. Checking batteries and testing a smoke detector at regular intervals is always a smart strategy.

At Least Two Unobstructed Routes

Equally vital is to always have an exit strategy in a home if a fire does develop. Homeowners should ensure that everyone living in a house including children have a preplanned strategy when it comes to exiting a room and exiting a house as quickly as possible if a fire develops. This includes having at least two unobstructed routes out of a room when a fire is detected. Most fire experts agree that the occupants of a home will generally have less than two minutes to exit a burning structure as a way to prevent injury or loss of life.

Fully Functional Smoke Detector

Having an escape plan in mind well in advance for the entire family should be a standard practice. As an added note, knowing what to expect with regard to the possibility of a fire can also improve overall safety. This includes knowing that the majority of residential fires that happen across the country typically occur between the hours of midnight and 6 AM. This is another reason to always have a fully functional smoke detector and fire alarm system in place. Being alerted from a deep sleep when smoke or fire is detected is essential for the safety of everyone involved. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for personal injury legal representation in Phoenix Arizona.

Effective Strategies For Avoiding Scalding Injuries

Effective Strategies For Avoiding Scalding Injuries

Scalding occurs each and every day and is responsible for many serious injuries as well as disfiguration and long-term disability. As such, it is well worth considering a few effective and simple strategies for avoiding a wide variety of scalding related injuries. For example, it is important to know that any type of hot liquid or steam can easily cause a serious burn. Conditions that can cause a scolding hazard are present in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of the home.

Lower The Temperature On A Home Water Heater System

In fact, kitchen and bathroom related scolding accidents are the most common and are also the easiest to prevent. One very effective way of reducing the potential for scalding is to lower the temperature of a home water heater system. It is generally accepted that any temperature below 120° will be effective at eliminating the potential hazards associated with scalding. However, homeowners should take note that if the temperature of a water heater is set too low other hazards could arise.

Avoid Scalding Related Accidents

For example, a water heater that has a temperature setting that is too low can eventually grow potentially hazardous mold and other undesirable organisms such as algae. One of the best ways to stay safe with regard to a home water heater system is to keep the temperature set at a constant 120°F. Another easy way to avoid scalding related accidents around the home is to never allow children near a stove where hot liquids are present. Young children have a propensity to pull pots and pans off of a stove onto their body.

Slows Down The Burning Process

Finally, any time a scalding accident has occurred it is best to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. Many burn experts and medical professionals recommend removing wet clothing and running cold water over the burn area. This is an effective strategy because it slows down the burning process. Equally important, according to professionals, is to avoid using any type of ice or home remedy to alleviate a burn. This can actually cause a burn to become worse. Seeking emergency medical care or the assistance of a burn center as quickly as possible can reduce the negative effects of any serious burn or scalding. Contact Hastings and Hastings today for Scottsdale personal injury legal representation.

Winter And Holiday Safety Tips For Homeowners

Winter And Holiday Safety Tips For Homeowners

As the winter holidays approach it becomes increasingly important to be aware of a few key safety tips that can keep homeowners and family members safe and free from injury. For example, when purchasing an artificial tree it is always a good idea to purchase one that is fire resistant. While a “fire resistant” rating does not guarantee that a tree will not burn, it does indicate that a tree will resist burning and it will be far easier to extinguish a fire.

Reducing The Chances Of A Potential Fire

Those purchasing a live tree should always check to ensure that the tree is fresh and green. The needles should be hard to pull from its branches and must not be brittle or dry. This is a basic consideration in order to reduce the chances of a potential fire during the holidays. Equally important is to avoid placing a live tree near a radiator or fireplace when choosing a location. Homeowners should also note that when a tree is placed in a heated room that it could likely dry out more quickly.

Exercising Electrical Safety

When a tree is placed in a room where there is a direct heat source, it is a good idea to ensure that the tree stand always remains full of water. This is an easy way of reducing the chances of the potential home fire. As an added note, homeowners can increase safety by ensuring that a tree is placed in such a way that it does not block doorways and does not interfere with regular household traffic. Taking these general precautions along with exercising electrical safety precautions can make the holidays more enjoyable and less hazardous.

Broken Or Defective Elements Of A Lighting Set

When it comes to holiday lights it is always a good idea to only purchase lights that have been tested and labeled as safe by a recognized and trusted testing organization. This information should be clearly marked and labeled on the packaging or box of holiday lights. Lights should be carefully inspected prior to being used during the holidays. Homeowners should look for cracked sockets, bare wires, frayed wires, or other broken or defective elements of a lighting set. This is another way to improve overall safety. Contact Hastings and Hastings today to learn more about Tempe Arizona personal injury legal representation.